Day 7

Today I took my second quiz for Sanitation and Nutrition (there are three quizzes and one final exam for each class). Didn’t do quite as well this time. I got a 92 on one and 96 on the other… but I did get both extra credit questions. Luckily spelling didn’t count when listing the nine essential vitamins, because I had a problem with pantothenic acid. Tomorrow starts our two additional classes: Computer Basics (which I don’t have to take), and Basic Cookery (or CA 100). Unfortunately, I won’t be attending tomorrow since my husband picked up tickets to see Rockapella perform at Texas A&M and we have to leave early enough to drive out to College Station. Normally, I wouldn’t skip out of class for a concert, but he bought these tickets before I enrolled at TCA… and this is ROCKAPELLA in their only show in Texas.

Thursday morning is my surgery, so I’ll be missing two days of school. Chef said to stay home on Friday so I can heal up, but if I’ve lived with the constant pain for over a month now – going to class on Friday won’t be a big deal. See you later – I have a date with some painkillers so I can get some sleep.

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