No School

I’m going to leave you with a quote to make sure I keep in the habit of updating my blog every day. I chose this particular one after talking with a classmate yesterday about writing down family recipes. I know that the preservation of my family’s connection with food is my responsibility (which now includes my siblings’ in-laws family recipes too), so maybe I should work on it as a side project to be completed by the time I graduate from TCA. I’d already started, but it’s been on hold for a while now…hmmm, gotta think about this one. Anyway, on to the quote:

“When treasures are recipes they are less clearly, less distinctly remembered than when they are tangible objects. They evoke however quite as vivid a feeling-that is, to some of us who, considering cooking an art, feel that a way of cooking can produce something that approaches an aesthetic emotion. What more can one say? If one had the choice of again hearing Pachmann play the two Chopin sonatas or dining once more at the Cafe Anglais, which would one choose?” – Alice B. Toklas

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