Day 11

After my sister commented on the disparity of females at the school during her tour, I checked out my class and we have 6 women out of 19 students (we had a new guy show up today). That seems to be the norm here, but I’ll have to look into it more.

The only really interesting thing that happened today was during a discussion on marketing healthy menu options. Chef asked if we remembered the section on nutrient claims on labels from a previous chapter and no one responded… so it was assumed that everyone did. So when he asked, ummm… let’s just call her “Kiki,” what a nutrient claim was, she said she didn’t know. When asked why she didn’t say anything when he asked if everyone remembered, she replied: “Ummmm, cause I’m usually not listening when I take notes?” (I was typing up my notes at the time and copied her response because it was so funny and sad.) She’s borderline passing and now I see why. I also think she was one of the 3Girls, but I really have no way of being sure. Oh well, there’s still a chance of getting warm chicken fat in my face after all.

I tend to not only type up what’s on the PowerPoint slides, but also everything he says that’s relevant to the subject. I love taking notes… just not taking tests. And we have another set of quizzes tomorrow. I’d better improve this time since it’s the last quiz before our finals.

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