A Random Email Conversation

Snarky: This makes me wish I could sew.  http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/d12bag

Caducia: I can sew.  Let me know if you would like for me to make you one.  I also think I've seen similar dice-shaped bags for sale at GenCon. 

     (See, so far we're normal people.)

Hoose: That's so awesome, I'd turn in my Man Card to carry one.  Well, almost…

     (Still kinda normal)

Caducia: Wait… There's a MAN CARD???
Why didn't anyone tell me about this?  I need to get myself a fake ID for those times when I want people to take me seriously. 
Or when I want to make more money.
Or when I want to rule the world.

SnarkyYou'd better be joking about wanting to rule the world as a man.  Lately I've had leanings in that direction, but if I ever do decide to go on a world-dominating rampage with my evil army of genetically modified giant pumas, I'll do it as a female.

Mad science may be strong enough for a man, but it was made for a woman.

CaduciaGenetically modified giant pumas???
Oh, I would definitely take over the world as a woman.  But if the fake ID can get me in the door, I'm not above using it.

Snarky: Yes, is there something wrong with genetically modified giant pumas?  Do you have a better idea?

CaduciaI think I'll develop an army consisting of extremely effeminate gay men. 
Rank would be determined by the color of your boa. And we would invade countries with the intent of spreading the principles of FABULOUSNESS!
We would be happy to form an alliance with your genetically modified giant puma army.

HooseI prefer ACME® brand Super Koalas in my word domination plans. Accept no substitutes!

Snarky: Maybe, but I've seen what can happen with Super Koalas.  Didn't you study Ambush Bug vs. the Koala who walked like a Man? Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.  Believe me when I say that you don't want to repeat that…

Hoose: You're both starting to sound like Venture Brothers arch-enemies….

     (And normal goes right out the window.)

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