Day 1: Vegas 2010

Seven years ago, Steve and I got hitched in Las Vegas (we didn’t elope, and we were joined by our family and friends). This year, we’re spending our anniversary in Vegas as well.

Aladdin Casino - 2003

Our honeymoon resort was the Aladdin, where Elvis got married. We had a view of the strip, even from our large bathtub (the bathroom was the same size as the rest of our suite too). The Aladdin was replaced by Planet Hollywood a while back. Don’t know what the rooms look like, but they really improved the inside of the casino.

Our wedding cake was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. She had seen something about Freed’s Bakery on the Food Network and wanted to order our cake from them. It was a white cake with strawberry and baverian cream filling. Since we didn’t think the cake topper was going to come in on time – we had flowers put on top instead.

Our Wedding Cake from Freed's Bakery - 2003

For our anniversary, we’re going to stop by the bakery later this week for some pastries.

Since today’s our actual anniversary, we hit Bellagio’s buffet for dinner.  We’re not big buffet people, but Bellagio’s is one of the two we hit every trip out here.  Tonight I only had a little dinner and then went nuts with their desserts.

Bellagio Buffet Desserts

These were my three favorites. A raspberry chocolate mousse-filled cone, creme brulee (not too sweet), and a dark chocolate raspberry mousse cake. This was also my second plate.

One the way back to our resort, we stopped by the famous Las Vegas sign for a few quick photos.

Las Vegas Sign

Denny’s had free wi-fi, so that’s where we are right now, and we’ll be here a lot throughout the rest of the week. I’m fading fast and keep falling asleep while typing this, so that’s about it. So sleepy. Gotta pry Steve away from his computer…

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