Bad Luck with Gift Cards

When anyone calls in at work and complains that one of our gift card says it’s inactive or invalid, the first thing we ask is “did you purchase the card at a store-that-will-remain-unnamed?” (this chain will be referred to as STWRU for the rest of this post). For some reason, a higher than normal percentage of our cards sold through STWRU are not correctly activated.

This past Saturday a co-worker was assigned to deal with all the complaints and he was bitching about it to anyone who would listen.  I must admit I took a great deal of pleasure in pointing out that it’s not just our cards they don’t activate.  I once purchased a a rather large gift card for their own store as a Christmas gift a few years ago, only to find out later that it didn’t have any funds on it when the recipient tried to redeem it.

I’m bringing this up because last Saturday evening, about six hours after my coworker started complaining, we showed up at a Texas Stars game where STWRU was giving out gift cards to the first 500 fans.  The cards contained anywhere from $1 to $25 of credit, and one lucky winner would receive $500.  Out of the four of us who have season ticket together – two of the cards were invalid.  Even the store couldn’t get mine to work when we brought it in yesterday.

Even after all of that, my husband is at STWRU purchasing four gift cards as Christmas gifts.  If the cards don’t work – I’m not touching them.

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