I had planned to show photos from the Pinball Hall of Fame, but…

…the Denny’s near our timeshare has Flickr.com blocked off.  I’ll have to wait until I find a Starbucks where I can upload the photos before I can post them here.  We did get one of those Clear wi-fi dongles, but it will only work with one computer and Steve installed it on his first.  I’m now stuck with Denny’s limited service or Starbucks later on when Steve’s up and around.  Las Vegas may have everything else, but it’s wi-fi services suck.  Even the ones you pay a hell of a lot of money for are slow and iffy.

We’ve played three rounds of the Maggi Video Poker Challenge (MVPC) and the score is 3-0 so far.  I promised to kick Steve’s ass and so far that’s exactly what I’m doing. For those unfamiliar with the MVPC, each round consists of $20 on side-by-side machines with Jacks or Better. Each player takes an alternating turn to facilitate cheering and/or gloating during the opponents play. The first one who runs out of money loses.  If anyone manages to double the original $20, they can stop and hope that their opponent is unable to match that amount (if they can beat that amount, they win).  Steve did that to me last year at the Orleans in the first few hands of play, but I still won the most rounds and won for 2010.  There is no limit to how many rounds there are, so it really depends on how much money we put away for gambling and how much is spent when we separate (I generally stick with video poker and roulette, while Steve prefers craps).

The resort is as awesome as ever, and we’re back to enjoying our morning hot tub before hitting the town.  We have a concert planned and tickets to a Vegas show.  We’ll probably hit the Pinball Hall of Fame one more time before we go as well.  Other than that, our trip will consist of wandering through casinos, eating out, taking naps, hanging out around the pool, and spending our gambling money in various fun ways. I love our Vegas vacations.

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