2012 Cake Show: Children Division

Children (6 years and under): One category – not divided by style. Children may have an adult assist with baking the cake. Each child must ice and decorate their own entry.

I truly enjoy seeing cakes decorated by kids. No one expects perfection and there’s no judging, so it’s mostly for fun.

As in most of the divisions and categories, I did not photograph every entry. These are ones I liked or that caught my eye for some reason.
Untitled Cake
Title: Unknown
by Berkeley Dean
Butterflies Day
Title: Butterflies Day
by Gabby Vergara
Awesome Car
Title: Awesome Car
by Jackson Lillard
Atomic Whoopie Cushion
Title: Atomic Whoopie Cushion
by “Shoobie” Russell Stevens
Littlest Pet Shop Fish
Title: Littlest Pet Shop Fish
by Lindsay Goud
Title: Dragon
by Talia Stewart
Robot Knight
Title: Robot Knight
by Alvie Stewart

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