Have I always been this indecisive?

Good thing it’s just about a book.

It all started when somebody put up a link to an excerpt of Jenny Lawson’s upcoming book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir). Up until then, I had somehow missing hearing anything about The Bloggess. I have no idea how as this is the sort of thing I love. I’m sharing that link because it was not only very entertaining, but it had me going to her blog and working my way back through her archives (I’ve only gotten as far back as February 6, 2008 as of today).

What I found in her blog was enough for me to pre-order her book through iTunes. At that time, the book had not been released yet, and I’d never pre-0rdered anything through iTunes before (my coworkers may see where this is going…).

Then they announced the book tour would hit Austin. As all the best book signings are at Book People, this would be a perfect excuse to spend time at one of my favorite places in Austin (I don’t do this very often because the visits also tends to be expensive. I mean come on! You can’t expect me to walk into a bookstore and leave with only a few books).

Now I had an important decision to make. Do I purchase a digital copy of the book for $12.99 and have it the same day it’s released; or wait another week until the 25th, rush out after work to fight traffic getting downtown–hoping I can make it to the bookstore within 45 minutes–and pay $25.95 for a hardback version of the book just so I could have Ms. Lawson sign my copy? It may sound like an simple choice, but not only do Steve and I like to support authors we enjoy, we’ve had great experiences at past book signings, and sometimes someone is worth the full price of a hardback. The downside was that Steve wouldn’t be going with me because he’ll be out at Maria Bamford’s show that same night for the Moontower Comedy Festival. And my friends, whom I know would enjoy this book, will be at that show with him. So now add going to the book signing alone as another reason that just purchasing it online was beginning to sound better and better.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been waffling back and fourth between the two. Steve thinks I should go, as does one of my co-workers (but that’s because she says it’s easier for her to borrow a physical copy of the book from me), and all I’m thinking about is how much I hate driving in traffic, feeling rushed, and attending functions alone that really aren’t as much fun by yourself.

And then last night the decision was taken out of my hands.

Remember where I said I pre-ordered the book on iTunes? For some reason I thought that iTunes would ask you if you still wanted the book before downloading it to your device (shut up). I was obviously wrong (I don’t want to hear it). I was at our weekly D&D game last night and went to pull up one of my reference books on the iPad and saw a full copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened ( A Mostly True Memoir) in my library (seriously, if Jes hears about this I will STOMP you). So now I had a copy of the book and I didn’t have to worry about the rest of the mess.

Then I started reading the book. Late last night. Really, really late because it had to wait until after our D&D game. I made it to the chapter called “And Then I Got Stabbed in the Face by a Serial Killer” before I gave up and went to bed because I knew I had to be up for work in a four hours (the chapters are not numbered, so they have to be referred to by the title. And I have no idea of they should be italicized or not. Please bare with me or blame Ms. Lawson. Either is fine. Did I use the correct form of “bare”? Crap, I can’t tell).

So here we are. I’ve ended up staying at home today since my husband is still sick and has made it to the point where he does better if someone is around. I haven’t read anymore of the book yet since I wanted to get this written out because I realized a few important things as I was prozacing the cat and getting ready for bed this morning (can you use prozac as a verb?).

1) I’m not even quite halfway through the book, and while Ms. Lawson’s writing style isn’t any different than her blog–I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. The book reads like one of those late-night bull sessions we had in college where we’d sit around, dipping wildly unhealthy snacks into tub of whipped cream mixed with powdered cocoa, and share stories with each other about some of the funnier, weirder, and sometimes even emotionally devastating things that had happened in our lives…although in Ms. Lawson’s case, I can honestly say that so far there’s a lot more dead animals, anxiety disorders, and alcohol than I remember ever having in ours.

2) The book is entertaining even when she makes you cry. I have a few friends who won’t make it through the chapter “If You See My Liver, You’ve Gone Too Far” with dry eyes. You have been warned.

3) I don’t work on Wednesdays. So there won’t be any rushing around after work trying to get to the book signing on time. I have no idea how I could have forgotten this as I haven’t been scheduled to work a Wednesday for about eight months now.

4) Steve still owes me $50 in books from Book People for making all the banana pudding for the Southern Culture on the Skids concert last Friday.

So yeah. I’ll be at Book People on April 25th with a hardback copy of her book for Ms. Lawson to sign. I may feel a bit out of place not knowing anyone there, but if she’s willing to take a chance on sharing so much with complete strangers–albeit in a very entertaining fashion–then I can handle a little personal awkwardness.

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