About this culinary quote collection (a disclaimer)

Sometime in 2002, I started collecting quotes about food and culinary life. If I had a reason for this, I’ve long since forgotten what it was. Now my collection contains 1500+ quotes.* Since I’m unable to stop collecting–or more likely, unwilling–it’s time to do something with this information.

Eventually I’ll set up some sort of web-friendly database once I figure out the best way to store and share the full collection online; but for now, I’ll try to upload at least one quote a day. Based on the number of quotes currently in my spreadsheet, that should keep me busy for the next few years or so.

Topics may include:

  • Food (history of, eating of, preparation of, science of, and even the lack thereof)
  • Nutrition
  • Food politics and advocacy
  • Kitchens (at home, as a businesses, politically, or as a metaphor)
  • Various aspects of the culinary world
  • The use of any of the above items as a metaphor for something entirely unrelated to food.
  • Any of the above items mentioned in passing, while possibly not being relevant to the topic of said quote.
  • In rare instances, there will be non-culinary quotes selected because they best describe my relationship with the act of cooking.

Please note that just because I’ve included a quote in my collection, that does not necessarily mean I agree with the thought or idea (there will be quite a few of these). I do have my reasons for including them, but that is a topic for a different time.†

Many of these quotes come from books, articles, random blogs, TV, film, conversations I’ve overheard, lecture notes, and even once, from a friend’s Facebook post. Others come from various other collections of quotes, both printed and online.

My source formatting is not consistent at this time. I apologize for that. Hopefully one day I’ll get around to fixing it, but today is not that day. However, if there are mistakes in the attribution and/or source listed, please let me know so I can verify and update my information.

And if, for whatever reason, someone is looking for a food/culinary quote on a specific topic, leave a comment on this page to let me know and I’ll see what I have.

* That number was accurate in mid-October 2017–just sayin’ since I’m not going to update this damn page every time I go on a quote bender.
† To be blunt, I don’t really expect much traffic so this shouldn’t be a problem. But just in case someone ends up with their tighty-whities in a twist because I included a quote about something they don’t agree with–please remember that just because you don’t like/agree with/believe something–that doesn’t automatically make it invalid. And that is also one of the the answers to why I’ve included quotes about many things that I personally don’t agree with in this collection.