About Dork Chocolate

I’m a snarkygurl attempting, and currently failing, to become a snarkybaker.

My background includes jobs in both the culinary and semiconductor/computer industry. But with our current economic situation, my dream of working my way up the pastry ladder has been hijacked by financial obligations, which is how I found myself providing support for people who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near electronics.

What does that boil down to?

I’m a dorky baker who makes a living telling assholes what to do with their software.

Woo hoo.

Dork Chocolate is where I go to bitch and moan*, a place where I can share stupid shit, and where I get to geek out about the dorky things that make my world such a bright place (no sarcasm intended, I seriously get all goofy about this stuff).

That being said, if you have any complaints about this blog site, I’ll just tell you what I’d love to tell all my pissy customers:

Have a cookie and shut the fuck up.

* I’m not going to complain about my current employer because I need that paycheck, and they tend to be the ‘fire first and sue second‘ type. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t talk about some of my other jobs… there was one that was using fruit so moldy that the photos would put you off purchasing strawberries for a very, very long time. Why yes, I DO have photos. Maybe I can be persuaded to share. (Meaning you’ll have to bribe me with comments. Seriously. Leave me some comments asking about the strawberries.)

I’ve been going by the name snarkygurl for so long that I hadn’t realized until a few years ago that the description “gurl” no longer applies to me. I’m still too young for “snarky-old-fart” and “snarkywoman” sounds flat-out stupid. So until I find something else that fits, please be aware that I am NOT a nubile young thing.

I’m actually a hairy old troll that lives under a bridge.


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  1. I am trying to access images of the Liberace museum which has closed for an exhibition. Could you email me? Love your blog!!!

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