Day 16

I’m still sick. And yes, my tooth still hurts. I have an appointment with the oral surgen on Thursday to see what’s up with it. My weekend wasn’t very exciting… some light chores on Saturday (had a lot less energy than I had hoped for), and I slept all Sunday. Decided to try today without cold medicine, because I think that’s what’s slowing down my recovery, and it was thus the entire day was verrrrrrrry slow. We finished up our final day on Sanitation and Nutrition, and tomorrow we spend the entire day studying for our finals next week. I’m so behind on homework, due to passing out when I get home every day, but I have the rest of this week to get it all finished… thank goodness.

Got the results from our test on Friday and I got a 90. I’m relieved, but that had better be my lowest grade for a lecture class. Gonna pick up some mushrooms tonight to try fluting the stupid things. And to pick up some tilapia. For some reason I’ve been craving fish an awful lot lately… don’t know what that means. My jaw is pounding right now, so I’m going to cut this short.

Day 15

Today was our first day with uniforms. I wanted to take a photo of the class, but not everyone has their’s yet. So I’ll wait a little longer. It’s much more comfortable than I thought it would be. I feel more like I’m a culinary student, but I’m still waiting for that final thing… being graded on something that a partner and I have prepared for our Chef Instructor. Still have a little ways to go to get to that point.

The test was more difficult than I expected. I got my recipe conversions down, but I went blank on Marie-Antoine Careme’s contributions to cooking, and there were several questions that weren’t mentioned in the notes I borrowed from the days I missed (and they weren’t in the book either). I think I passed, but not by much. After the test, Chef demonstrated different types of cuts such as brunoise, tourne’, and chiffonade. Pretty cool. I’m going to practice tourne’ and fluting mushrooms this weekend.

Day 14

Sucking… that’s what’s going on today. My tooth isn’t any better and my cold is worse. I attended class in a daze. We went over the software today – pans, pots and chinois. Can’t go to bed when I get home today because we have our first test in CA100 tomorrow. I’d describe today in stronger terms, but I don’t want to shock my poor innocent sister (snicker…).

Day 13

Was disappointed to find out that I received a 96 on my Nutrition exam. I really thought I had it all correct. But thanks to getting all the bonus questions on all of the tests – I still have a 103.3 quiz average in that class.

Today we took a tour of one of the kitchens and learned about the hardware, or all the large equipment. The fryer, grill, oven, salamander, etc. We also learned about all the cleaning of the equipment that goes on too. I’m sure looking forward to that part (insert sarcasm here). I guess that means it’s a good thing that I’ll be getting a lot of practice doing it… and I’m not talking about just wiping it down, we also get to learn how to break ’em down and scrub every little piece.

We’re supposed to be getting our uniforms tomorrow, so we got the lecture on the do’s and don’ts of the unforms for our next year here. There was only one moment of panic when we thought we had to have all the pants hemmed up by Friday, but it turns out he meant by the beginning of CA 101 next month. There was also another lecture about how our attitudes would determine how well we do when classes really start to get tough. It was more like a “duh” thing for me, but maybe that’s because I’ve seen it in action for years now… although there are some places where you can still get by without giving a crap. After standing around in a hot humid kitchen this afternoon being told that a lot of us wouldn’t make it – I really began to realize that this is where the true challenge begins. Lecture-type classes have always been easy for me, but now I’ll have to prove myself mulitple times every single day…. cool.

Ok, it’s later in the day and I’ve just found out that part of the reason I was so miserable in that hot steamy kitchen is that I’m running a fever. I feel like I’m ready to pass out from the heat and the temperature of the house is at 75 degrees. This really sucks. In fact, it’s the suckiest suck suck that ever sucked. Instead of getting some rest, I now have to prep the house for the weekly D&D game. Ugh. Maybe tomorrow I can get some rest after class.

Day 12

I had a reminder of another wonderful thing that being married brings to the relationship: Whatever illness your husband has, you’ll probably end up with it too. So this weekend I caught his cold and have added cold medicine and holistic cures to my already large army of drugs. This sucks. Big time, too. So I’ve decided to stop taking anymore painkillers since all the cold medicines are supposed to help the aches and pains, and hopefully my jaw shouldn’t be hurting as much anymore. We’ll see what happens.

Took both quizzes today. Chef had time to grade our Sanitation test and I got a 100! Got the bonus question correct, but it was pretty easy. I’m waiting for our Nutrition grades, but I think I did well on that one too. The bonus question was to define gastrique, coulis, and chutney. I wasn’t sure about the exact definition of chutney, other than it was usually made with gastrique and chunks of fruit and sometimes veggies… and since I thought I was going to get it wrong, I talked around it as much as I could and then went ahead and added my personal opinion of chutney (not very positive). When we came back into class after the test, Chef said that only one student got the bonus question correct (you have to correctly define all three in order to get the points). It was me. It seems that I was the only one who remembered what gastrique was. It wasn’t on his bullet points, but he did talk about it and gave us the proportions of sugar to vinegar. So I guess taking all those extra notes pays off after all. Although he had to go and ruin the moment by saying that my definition of chutney had way too much information in it. Whatever – at least I got 2 more points to add to my quiz grade average.