Steampunk Music Dump

I know that Jen posted about the Lovett and Panic! at the Disco music videos months ago, but I didn’t want anything getting in the way of preparing for the cake show or sorting through the 1000+ photos after wards. So now it’s time for a Steampunk Music dump courtesy of Jen from and my husband’s music collection.

First up is Lovett’s Eye of the Storm music video.

It’s from the album Highway Collection, and I liked it so much that I not only purchased this song through iTunes, but grabbed three others from this album as well.

Next is Panic! At The Disco’s song The Ballad Of Mona Lisa.

Since Steve had the Vices & Virtues album on the list for his monthly trip to Waterloo Record, I would have eventually found this without Jen’s assistance; but it’s sometimes nice to beat my music-loving husband to something cool.

This last song isn’t exactly a steampunk song. While it would be perfectly suited for the steampunk genre (sub-genre?), it also lends itself to any number of end of the world scenarios: apocalypse, zombie outbreak, or even one of the many recent poorly-done alien invasion movies. The album Shine On by Dexter Freebish was released last October, but I’d have never even heard this song if it weren’t for Steve’s weekly updates of our music stream.

Sadly, Save the Last Dance doesn’t have a music video to go with it.

If anyone else has a great song to recommend, please let me know in the comments!

Cello Lust

Cellos.  I love cellos (say that again, but this time pretend I’m Gir talking about tacos).  They’re deep and oh so awesome, but today I discovered that they’re also hot.

It looks like I need to add Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic to my music collection, as well start studying Croatian again (with apologies to Hedi, Bernarda, and Sreto who tried teaching me the language the first time around).

Day 5: Cheap Trick’s Sgt. Pepper show

Our show for the 2010 Vegas trip was a last minute purchase of fourth row tickets to see Cheap Trick perform the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album at the Paris casino.

SGT. Pepper Live - Cheap Trick

Since Steve’s the music expert, I’m going to link to his post for all the details of the show while I just put up a few additional photos of the concert. To be blunt, I wasn’t expecting to have as much fun at the show as I did. It was a great show and now I need to add this CD to my playlist.

Cheap Trick doing SGT. Pepper Live - Robin

Cheap Trick doing SGT. Pepper Live - Tom

Cheap Trick doing SGT. Pepper Live - Tom

Cheap Trick doing SGT. Pepper Live - Rick

Cheap Trick doing SGT. Pepper Live - Robin


There was a ton of heart-shaped confetti. After the show it looked like drifts of pink snow on the floor. We found pieces of it tracked throughout the Paris casino later that night… even all the way out in the parking garage. I snagged some for our concert scrapbook (along with two of Rick’s guitar picks).

Geoff Emerick

After the show we stopped to meet Geoff Emerick who ran the soundboard for the show.  If  you don’t know who he is, here’s Steve’s other post. Emerick had me take several photos because he wasn’t smiling for the first few. I think Steve was just as excited to meet him as he was to finally see Cheap Trick.