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The internet should really stop giving me ideas when I’m bored and sick


Because this eventually happens…


(I keep thinking of an older pissed-off Obi-Wan Kenobi when I look at this.)

Ask a Cat Friday

Today’s question was submitted by Jeane Dixon in the form of her best-selling book:



We’re just assholes.

Thank you Nemo. Hopefully we’ll see you again next week.

Ask a Cat Friday is our new weekly column where you have the opportunity to ask a cat any question you’d like. Today, we were joined by Nemo, who is also known as “shit-stain” by his owners.

DIY iPhone Case

in fact, I first saw this at How come you didn't see it there yourself?

I want this so very, very badly.

Link via Neatorama

Chapstick, a Mother’s Day Story

I’d love to post it here, but with everything going on, I forgot to ask for permission.  So please follow the link to Miss Cellania’s blog site.

If you don’t go for the chapstick– go for the cat butt.

The most adorable photo of a shark eating a cat you will ever see…


…nom nom nom nom…

and it gets better…

Squing Dancing

Squid and shark dancing!

More photos at the link.