When is a 500lb Darth Vader an amazing thing to see?

When he’s made of cake.

The 500lb cake was presented at the 501st Legion costume convention in Orlando, Florida (I’m assuming this was at the Star Wars Celebration this past weekend). The Daily Mail has the full article, along with quite a few photos of the construction and deconstruction of the cake.

The cake was made possible through a joint donation between Amanda Oakleaf Cakes in Winthrop, Massachusetts and DK Publishing, with Tyler and Amanda Oakleaf, and their bakery team, doing the actual work. The cake took two weeks to build after four months of planning.

The cake was made up of 386 eggs, 2 gallons of milk, 3 and a half cups of vanilla, 32lbs of flour, 46lbs of sugar, 57lbs of butter and 210lbs of home-made marshmallow fondant.

Tyler and Amanda Oakleaf serving up cake for 600 people.

This is the kind of cake construction that I’d love to learn how to do correctly. However, I’ll need to figure out how to keep my smaller sculpture cakes from toppling over before I can get to the point of baking life-sized edible sculptures of people.

Once again, for more photos and details, check out the full article here.

And for some less than stellar Darth Vader cakes, check out the recent Cake Wrecks post, as well as a few from the Great White Snark–here and here.

Only a few days left on the Reaper Minis Kickstarter!

Reaper recently started up a line of polymer miniatures that are cheaper to purchase and easier to modify, but just as detailed as their line of metal miniatures. They call this new line Bones. And it’s becoming very popular. Because it takes quite a bit of time and money to add new figures to this line, as well as creating new molds for polymer versions of their existing metal minis, they decided to take it to KickStarter to raise $30,000 in order to get out about 30 models as soon as possible  (check out the Bones KickStarter Project video here).

Guess what.

Turns out that won’t be much of a problem. As of 7:30 AM (central) this morning,  they were up to $1,718,968. And there’s now a hell of a lot more than only 30 new Bones minis coming out.

The most popular pledge level is Vampire for $100. Here’s a list of rewards for the Vampire level:

I'm so sorry about grabbing the file for this image, but you keep updating the original. I love that you do it, but it messes up the post.
I had to update the image because I forgot they replace it every time more content is added to this pledge level. So two of the sets from the updates below are included in the image.


And each time a new goal is met, new minis are unlocked and added to the list. It also unlocks new larger minis for an additional charge. I know Steve isn’t thrilled about the idea of more unpainted minis floating around the house, but I really want the Clockwork Dragon.

Right now it’s only concept art, but in March 2013 it will become my new baby. Bwa ha ha hah!

As of 7:30 am this morning, the new stretch goal is $1,790,000. Once that’s reached, it will unlock a Griffon and an Owlbear to be added to the Vampire level.

Check it out now. There are only 56 hours left to get in on this.

Please hurry… I’d really like a Griffon.


Woo hoo!!! I got my Griffon!

Now the new stretch goal is $1,920,000. Once that is met, all Vampire level pledgers (pledgees?) will also receive a Grave Danger set with the Vampire Lord Judas Bloodspire, a Ghast, a Death Knight, and a Lich Lord. Gee, several items that would come in handy during our current campaign.

52 hours to go!



Wow… the goal has been reached and the Grave Danger set has been added to the list. Next up are:

These would be fun to paint.


I’m in love with these.

The new stretch goal is $2,060,000, and I’m amazed they haven’t run out of ideas for new content yet. I’d really like to know how far ahead they planned when they realized they’d hit the original goal sooner than expected. In fact, how far in advance do they plan out either of their product lines? If I had the money, I’d have pledged $2000 in order to spend some time at Reaver and find out, but I had to do some some serious shuffling just to cover my small pledge.

They’re at $1,980,371 right now. I wonder if they’ll be able to continue upping the ante, although it could slow down now that there are less than two days left.

I hope not.



Only about 23 hours left. No more stretch goals are being offered, which is probably a good thing with the time being so short. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a hell of a deal. Seriously, the Vampire pledge level now has a shit-ton of minis. You can have paint parties and not worry about cutting them apart to experiment with modding your minis because YOU HAVE SO MANY OF THEM ALREADY! That’s where I’m going to have the most fun. That, and sending whole batches of them to my nephews to spread around the D20 love.

Take a look, you still have a few hours left.


My mistake, there IS a new stretch goal. I’m not posting it here because I need to run and feed some cats, so do yourself a favor and CHECK IT OUT!

Portal with Cake

Dedicated to my nephew, who was the only person in my family who got the GLaDOS quote.

The credits are enjoyable. My favorite part is after the rant about realtors and states: TWO cakes were eaten in the making of this film. The salt is a lie. BOTH were super tasty!

Made by Eisen Feuer and Jesse Lopez
Starring Nicole Leigh
Catering by Mom

I’m also curious about the Unbridled Gentlemanly Manliness provided by Sean Kauffman.

via epbot.com

Scary Plastic Clown Heads

When I was a kid, Wilton sold terrifying clown head picks. You’d see them jammed in huge globs of frosting on cupcakes and cakes in almost every grocery store.

Remember these?

Vintage Wilton Clown Head
( Wanna know where I got this one from? Keep reading.)

For some reason I had assumed that they were eventually replaced with a more kid-friendly version of the clown. But by the time I started working for a bakery, I found a stash of these little plastic heads in a drawer in the back of the store.  A full drawer.  As in never used.

Boooo.... I'm still scary!

These were smaller and shiny–I just didn’t notice the difference at first since I had nothing to compare them to other than my own imperfect memory. I grabbed one to take home with vague ideas of terrorizing a friend with it for her birthday.

So, how are they generally used?


Heh heh heh. They’re very popular now… at the Cake Wrecks website.

Jen at cakewrecks.blogspot.com has an odd fascination for plastic clown heads, so I’ll let her explain here.

And here, although this post may not be quite safe for kids.

And to answer a question before you ask it–No.  We never used those clown heads at my bakery.  In fact, I think someone eventually threw them all away.

A few years later, I left the grocery store bakery to go back to the tech industry. There, one of my coworkers stopped me and asked if I was interested in a box of cake decorating supplies that his Mom left when she died. Decorations are expensive, and I still do stuff on the side, so I said yes.

What I didn’t think to ask is how long ago she had died.

The decorations were from the mid-70’s (I found an invoice with a date).  They were hideously out of date, the glue on most of the plastic had changed color (who uses that much plastic anymore?), and at the bottom of the box there was a bag of the old Wilton clown heads.

And they were uglier than I remembered.  I pulled one out to go with my other plastic clown head and threw the box in the garage with the rest of the stuff I didn’t feel like dealing with.

This past Monday, I decided that after almost 10 years, my garage should finally be able to hold my car. In the process of clearing out all of our crap, I rediscovered this stupid box.  And out of the entire box, the only two items I saved were an unused Holly Hobby cake pan and the bag of clown heads.

I’m keeping the Holly Hobby pan for now, but the vintage plastic clown heads are currently on their way to a new home.  A home where they will be “appreciated”.

Sampson with a Clown Head

Bwah hah hah ha ha!