This is the catering company I want for my birthday next year

Worf Cooking While Data and Captain Archer Clean Dishes in Captain Picard’s Kitchen

Daniel Stewart, son of Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart, had a birthday party in his father’s apartment. Michael Dorn cooked while Brent Spiner and Scott Bakula cleaned up. Daniel Stewart tweets, “My birthday catering company sucks. Do NOT hire these guys.”

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Wow, I really need to update that candy corn image up there…

…not sure I could change it to something Christmasy yet, since it’s not after Thanksgiving, but changing it to a regular Autumn theme-that I don’t think I have or would have to search foranyway-would only be up for a few days. Too much to do and I’m so behind!!! And I still haven’t showered for the visit to the doctor because I can’t seem to put the computer down!!!


UPDATED: Finally changed to something that I don’t have to modify again until December.


The perfect Halloween decorations for your truck (but not my car)

(Reprinted from 11/22/09)

At first, I thought the truck in front of me had large skull stickers on the back of the cab until I got close enough to see that they were large plastic skulls.  That was kinda cool, if a little late for Halloween, but then he started braking and they moved beyond cool and into the world of I want…

Apologies for the photo quality.  It was dusk and I have an older iPhone with a sucky camera.

UPDATED 10/13/12: I can just imaging what my little Honda Fit would like like with a set of matching headlights…

…and as soon as I finished photoshopping my car – I realized just how much time I wasted with it today. I really need to do something a bit more constructive with my time…

Ask a Cat Friday

Today’s question was submitted by Jeane Dixon in the form of her best-selling book:



We’re just assholes.

Thank you Nemo. Hopefully we’ll see you again next week.

Ask a Cat Friday is our new weekly column where you have the opportunity to ask a cat any question you’d like. Today, we were joined by Nemo, who is also known as “shit-stain” by his owners.