Day 11

After my sister commented on the disparity of females at the school during her tour, I checked out my class and we have 6 women out of 19 students (we had a new guy show up today). That seems to be the norm here, but I’ll have to look into it more.

The only really interesting thing that happened today was during a discussion on marketing healthy menu options. Chef asked if we remembered the section on nutrient claims on labels from a previous chapter and no one responded… so it was assumed that everyone did. So when he asked, ummm… let’s just call her “Kiki,” what a nutrient claim was, she said she didn’t know. When asked why she didn’t say anything when he asked if everyone remembered, she replied: “Ummmm, cause I’m usually not listening when I take notes?” (I was typing up my notes at the time and copied her response because it was so funny and sad.) She’s borderline passing and now I see why. I also think she was one of the 3Girls, but I really have no way of being sure. Oh well, there’s still a chance of getting warm chicken fat in my face after all.

I tend to not only type up what’s on the PowerPoint slides, but also everything he says that’s relevant to the subject. I love taking notes… just not taking tests. And we have another set of quizzes tomorrow. I’d better improve this time since it’s the last quiz before our finals.

Day 10

My husband’s fever was getting worse, so although I was feeling better, I had to take time off from work to set up his doctor’s appointment. It looks like a nasty flu so he now has a pretty heavy arsenal of antibiotics, decongestants, and super-potent cough syrup.

I missed the section on converting measurements on Thursday, which is bad since I suck at trying to figure out how many cups are in a quart and etc. Today was types of recipes, menus, and “dogs, stars, puzzles,” and “plow horses.” We also learned the formula for adjusting the amount of ingredients when changing the number of servings in a recipe. The formula was easy, but it went back to converting measurements and I was stuck again. Now I know what I have to practice over the weekend.

We were also supposed to practice the “sauteing” flip yesterday evening. To show that we has actually learned it–Chef had us flip a saute pan of uncooked rice. Yes, the floor was a mess by the end of it. I went up and demonstrated my ability even though I had missed the lesson and practice… but it’s something I already know how to do (thank goodness). What I found funny, was the comment by several of the women in class that the pan was very heavy. It was a normal sized and weighted pan, so that could get interesting when we actually begin to cook.

We have a 2000 word essay due at the end of this class on a food item. I had already picked out several possible subjects (basil, fenugreek, or dandelions), but Chef threw a kink into the program. He had everyone write down their chosen subject and then pass the paper on to the next student. Next, he re-assigned the subjects to different people. Now I had missed all this because of surgery, so after class today, I went up and asked what my essay topic was to be… he said “cannibalism.” I’m still not sure how far he’s going to take this joke, but I’m going to do the paper up exactly as he requested: history, the culture surrounding it, possible medicinal uses, and two recipes. I may have to create my own recipes, since I doubt any exist.. but we’ll see what’s out there over the next few weeks.


Last night’s concert was worth driving several hours out to College Station while both of us were feeling crappy. But I don’t think I’ll do it again under those conditions. I’ll post the concert photo and info on my site later on.

The medical office was kind enough to give me some valium to take the night before surgery (after we got home from the show) and one hour before my appointment. Along with the gas, it made it easier to cope with being concious during the procedure. It was hell, and now it’s done. The strange thing was that for some reason, I had assumed that the pain from the bone-scrapping wouldn’t be any worse than the constant pain I was experiencing for over a month. And boy was I wrong. I’m currently on several narcotics (yes, they are prescriptions) and although I’m feeling all foggy and groggy – my jaw is still pounding away. The only thing that seems to work is the ice pack (20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for 24 hours).

J.C. emailed me a copy of the class notes from Wednesday. After reading through them, I’ve realized that having a copy of someone’s notes is just not going to be enough. So that means I need to go to school tomorrow instead of missing a third day. Besides, I can deal with the pain for a few hours and then dose myself up again when I get home. I’ll just make sure to keep refilling my ice pack for my jaw while there. Then I’ll have the weekend to heal up some more. My husband has been sick all week with a virus or the flu, so there’s a lot of crankiness and complaining going on in our home right now. However, on the good side, it means that getting meals together is easy since we’re both stuck with soup.

Typing sucks right now, so that’s it for today.

No School

I’m going to leave you with a quote to make sure I keep in the habit of updating my blog every day. I chose this particular one after talking with a classmate yesterday about writing down family recipes. I know that the preservation of my family’s connection with food is my responsibility (which now includes my siblings’ in-laws family recipes too), so maybe I should work on it as a side project to be completed by the time I graduate from TCA. I’d already started, but it’s been on hold for a while now…hmmm, gotta think about this one. Anyway, on to the quote:

“When treasures are recipes they are less clearly, less distinctly remembered than when they are tangible objects. They evoke however quite as vivid a feeling-that is, to some of us who, considering cooking an art, feel that a way of cooking can produce something that approaches an aesthetic emotion. What more can one say? If one had the choice of again hearing Pachmann play the two Chopin sonatas or dining once more at the Cafe Anglais, which would one choose?” – Alice B. Toklas

Day 7

Today I took my second quiz for Sanitation and Nutrition (there are three quizzes and one final exam for each class). Didn’t do quite as well this time. I got a 92 on one and 96 on the other… but I did get both extra credit questions. Luckily spelling didn’t count when listing the nine essential vitamins, because I had a problem with pantothenic acid. Tomorrow starts our two additional classes: Computer Basics (which I don’t have to take), and Basic Cookery (or CA 100). Unfortunately, I won’t be attending tomorrow since my husband picked up tickets to see Rockapella perform at Texas A&M and we have to leave early enough to drive out to College Station. Normally, I wouldn’t skip out of class for a concert, but he bought these tickets before I enrolled at TCA… and this is ROCKAPELLA in their only show in Texas.

Thursday morning is my surgery, so I’ll be missing two days of school. Chef said to stay home on Friday so I can heal up, but if I’ve lived with the constant pain for over a month now – going to class on Friday won’t be a big deal. See you later – I have a date with some painkillers so I can get some sleep.