Day 6

It’s time for the Monday count. As of the first class of the day, we only had 17 students. That’s down from 21. The new girl (see Day 5) showed up late during the second class today to move it back up to 18. Gotta finish studying for two quizzes tomorrow and my jaw is driving me nuts. I’m getting to the point where I’m actually looking forward to the friggin’ surgery now.

Day 5

We had a new girl in class today. She was introduced to us by way of her conversation with Chef Carter, which went something like this:

“You’ve missed four days.”

“I was told that class started today.”

“But you’ve still missed FOUR days.”

“The magister said that school didn’t start until today.”


Oh, I not only made a 100 on both quizzes, but I also answered both extra credit questions correctly. Oh yeah! Now we have another quiz on Tuesday.

Quote for Today

There was a time and place in this House of Pain when a dental extraction was a five-man job: four to hold down the patient and a fifth to pull the tooth. – L.M. Boyd

Makes my surgery sound sweet.

Days 3 and 4

Day 3: Went and visited the Oral Surgeon this morning. He walked me through everything that the surgery would entail, as well as my sedation options. Since this is going to wipe out our savings, there’s not much left for covering any unconsciousness during the operation… so I’ll be numb, but coherent through the entire bone-scraping time. I’m hoping that the nitrous oxide hoses don’t get in the way of the operation and can be used for more than just the numbing procedure. Oh, by the way, this is scheduled for next Thursday morning (the 15th). Whoopie.

I forgot to give the numbers for the class size. On the first day, there were 8 people who were there, but not on the roll, and 12 people on the roll who never showed up. Physically, there were 21 people in class. And as of the today – we’re down to 20. I’ll try to update the class attendance total every Monday.

The Job Services lady came in today to see who needed a job. I had already talked to her the other day and said that I’d be waiting another month before looking for a job – but I told her to open my files back up since I now needed to make up the cost of my surgery.

Third day, third chapter, and getting ready for quizzes tomorrow on Sanitation and Nutrition. I’d like to study tonight, but for those who know my husband and I, you probably also know that every Wednesday night is “Game Night.” No, we don’t watch sports (the PVR records our hockey games), but we do play the evil and insideous game of DUNGEONS and DRAGONS…. whooooooo…. Anyway, that means I get to rush home, clean up and make sure the snacks are ready before everyone arrives. By the time everyone left – I was too tired to study (I have to be up for a 7 AM job). I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Day 4: I got up early this morning (I was awake because of tooth pain anyway) and studied for Sanitation, did homework, and wrote a short essay on Shigellosis before heading out for work. Wish I could generate that kind of energy every day. Work sucked because I missed the last two days so I could visit multiple dental specialists, and everything was backed up by the time I returned (but I was thankful that I missed the net-conferencing debacle). I should have it all sorted out by Friday morning. Got to class early enough to do a run-through of my Sanitation notes with a classmate. I was nervous about this quiz because I didn’t know how tough or easy it would be. All I did know was that for three days I’ve been cramming a lot of information into my almost middle-aged brain (and with painful distractions), and I wasn’t sure if any of it had stuck. Well, it did. Other than some momentary confusion about whether the Lag or the Log Phase come first in the growth stages of bacteria – I think I did pretty well. And the extra credit question was easy: define aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative.

Did most of my studying for Nutrition during my lunch break. J.C. and I studied together to make sure that we didn’t miss anything from studying our own notes. And again, the test was pretty easy. Was a little confused about the storage of glycogen, but answered it correctly anyway. And luckily I had just finished looking over the same information that was used as the extra credit question. Chef Carter’s going to post our grades tomorrow. I know I did well, but I’m hoping for a perfect score.

When I got home this afternoon, there was a message from Job Services. One of the restaurants that I had asked about (Limey recommended it as a good place to work) said that though they weren’t really hiring, they still wanted me to come in and fill out an application. They know that I’m completely unskilled, so they probably need a new dishwasher… but that’s where I said I’d start anyway. It’s kinda funny… I once worked for D.B.M. helping ex-IBM employees put together their resumes, but I have no idea how to write one geared towards the restaurant industry. And when do you go in to apply? They don’t have much of a slow time since they open at 5pm. I posted these questions on Chef2Chef in hopes of some assistance, so now I wait – at least until tomorrow and then I can also ask my instructor. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it or not, but Chef Carter is great. He’s only been teaching us for four days, but I’m looking forward to starting my third class with him next week. Now back to working on homework.

Welcome to the Dental and Culinary Blog

Or at least that’s what it feels like right now. I went to see the specialist this morning and found out that I need to see ANOTHER specialist tomorrow morning so they can evaluate me for a possible Apicoectomy. What’s that? It’s where they go in and peel back your gums so they can remove the end of the root as well as all the infected tissue and bone. Fun time. And to make it all the more interesting – I’m not allowed any pain relievers that contains anything in the family of ibuprophen. That just leaves me with narcotics that keep me too fuzzy to learn anything in class. So I stuck it out today with nothing to deaden the pain… if our instructor hadn’t kept me so busy, I wouldn’t have made it through class. It’s a relief to go home and take my prescription meds, although it does increases the amount of time it takes me to do homework to about five hours for the simple stuff. Hopefully this will all be over with next week. Now I’m off to type up my notes from today.