PHASE IV, the Movie

Even if my unnamed body part was still having major issues – I wouldn’t pass up tonight’s event at the Alamo Drafthouse.


“A box office disappointment in its initial release, PHASE IV is one of those underappreciated sci-fi gems that is only now being reappraised by modern audiences. In partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Academy Film Archive, we at the Drafthouse are proud to present a brand-new 35mm print of PHASE IV created specifically for this event!

This once-in-a-lifetime presentation will also include a rare screening of a new high-definition digital transfer of film’s original psychedelic end sequence, long rumored not to exist at all!”

Ellen Harrington, the Director of Exhibitions and Special Events for the Academy will also be there to introduce the movie and share the story of the original ending.

I’m excited because I’ve always loved Phase IV (named after the fourth phase or stage–of something or other that I’ve already forgotten–triggering the ants’ development of intelligence…wow, I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve seen it). While I hate to call this movie a thinking man’s version of the animals-suddenly-evolving-and-attempting-to-attack-man genre, in a way that’s exactly what it is. And while I’ve seen so many of the other movies of this sort (I’m a bit masochistic in my movie choices), Phase IV really IS one of the better ones.

And I can’t wait to see the original ending.

FINALLY feeling better

Just as things were getting better–I picked up a sinus infection. Previously to this, I had NO idea how much a cough, sneeze, or even blowing my nose could make muscles in certain other areas of the body move… and in this case, it was the incision site that had finally started feeling better.

Boom! A bunch of time spent healing wasted.

After over a week of various colors dripping from my nose (yellow, florescent green, orange, bloody red; but thankfully no blue, purple, or black), I’m a little further along than I was on November 20th. At least I can drive for short periods of time, go out shopping (a little over an hour exhausted me even though I was clinging to a shopping cart in each of the two stores), and tonight we find out how well I do at the movie theater because I’ve already missed too many  movies that I want to see!

I’d probably be less of a whiny-ass if the cough was finally gone and my–ahem–still unnamed body part was fully healed, but other than that, I’m doing much, much better than before. If fact right now, the most difficult part is trying to keep Steve for overloading my schedule with things that have me using/interacting with my unnamed body part in uncomfortable places (ooooh, that sounds sort of perverted…). This would normally make me want to smack him upside the head–except for the fact that he’s doing it because he’s happy I can finally go out and do stuff with him again. And I have to admit I’m excited about that part too. Most of my frustration is from him thinking that just because I’m released to go back to work (in four days… booo!)–it means I’m all healed up and everything is back to normal–no matter how many times I tell him that all it really means is that the discomfort level is low enough that I can function in society again.


Yesterday I decided I was feeling better and needed to rejoin the rest of the world. And in that short time, I somehow have managed to start a huge project at home. I have no idea HOW I keep doing this. It started out small, until I realized that that each step depends on a different part of the house being cleaned and somewhat organized before I can move on to the next. With my being out of commission for so long–and my lifelong hatred of cleaning–my house is a disaster area with a fully functioning roof.

The good part is that this project gives me some sort of order that must be followed (which means there’s a better chance I’ll complete it rather than quitting in frustration after getting distracted and somehow lost along the way), and the best part is that it’s forcing me clean and organize the house. Something that hasn’t been done in years. Well, at least for the organized part.

But I’m more than willing to admit that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. This is even though I know I’ll be happy/pleased/content/proud when it’s all done and I’ll see them every day when I come home. Also, it’ll give me the confidence I need to push me to do other projects later.

Anyway, I’ll post photos of what I’m talking about when I finally get them finished (I even remembered to grab a before photo). And while they may be a DIY sort of project–they’re for really dorky things that we both love (some we’ve had for years, one I picked up from the recent Comic Con in Austin, and one is Steve’s early Christmas gift –which forced me to stalk one of his favorite comedians. I’ll publicly apologize for that later, and maybe even write him a thank you letter for being so nice about it…I wonder if a bribe would help).

The internet should really stop giving me ideas when I’m bored and sick


Because this eventually happens…


(I keep thinking of an older pissed-off Obi-Wan Kenobi when I look at this.)

This is the catering company I want for my birthday next year

Worf Cooking While Data and Captain Archer Clean Dishes in Captain Picard’s Kitchen

Daniel Stewart, son of Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart, had a birthday party in his father’s apartment. Michael Dorn cooked while Brent Spiner and Scott Bakula cleaned up. Daniel Stewart tweets, “My birthday catering company sucks. Do NOT hire these guys.”

via Neatorama



Wow, I really need to update that candy corn image up there…

…not sure I could change it to something Christmasy yet, since it’s not after Thanksgiving, but changing it to a regular Autumn theme-that I don’t think I have or would have to search foranyway-would only be up for a few days. Too much to do and I’m so behind!!! And I still haven’t showered for the visit to the doctor because I can’t seem to put the computer down!!!


UPDATED: Finally changed to something that I don’t have to modify again until December.