Recovery Mode

The pain from the incision is gone, but the original pain has stuck around some (although there were two pain-free days earlier this week).  I’m taking off for Vegas next month, so I’m hoping to start working out as soon as I get the all clear from my doctor on Monday.  We’ll see.

To keep myself from going nuts over the past week, I started a new project.  I’m reviewing cookbooks!  That mean I also get to test three recipes from the cookbook for each review.  The first one up is “The Cake Doctor Bakes Gluten-Free” by Anne Byrn (I picked it up when she was in town a few weeks ago for a book signing).  In this case, I ended up with so much cake and cookies in the house that I had to unload the rest of them on my coworkers.  They’re very happy about all this, by the way.  The cookies weren’t bad, the bundt cake has quite a bit of potential, and I have a four-layer coconut cake up next.

Of course the real test will be to see how many cookbooks I get through before finding something else that catches my attention.