New Weapon Technology – tasty, tasty technology

It’s a “steam-punk style pneumatic cupcake cannon” that showed up at a Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour stop in Portland. I don’t think that there’s really anything else I can say to add to this awesomeness – so watch the video.

And if my family ever wonders about what to get me for my birthday or Christmas, think cupcake cannon (or maybe a Johnny Cupcakes gift card).

Oh wow, I need to create a new category for this.

New OK Go Video for “This Too Shall Pass”

Have to interrupt the cake photos to share this insane awesomeness.

By now, everyone’s seen the video for this song with Notre Dame’s Marching band (if you haven’t, click here).

That was cute, but now they’ve released the official video for the song “This Too Shall Pass” using a Rube Goldberg machine that spans four minutes, two floors of a warehouse, smashing a piano and TV, and even uses Damien as a step in the chain reaction itself (belted into a guide-wire and pulley system) before reaching the end.

There are also four clips about the making of this music video, but I haven’t had a chance to check them out yet.

Now back to the cakes.