Daily Culinary Quote: Cookies and obsolete gender roles

“I’m thankful for women. I think women are more intelligent than men. Also, without women, there would be no cookies.”

~ Norm MacDonald

You baked cookies? Dude no offense but that’s kind of gay.

I take it you mean gay as in feminine. If so then you’re way off, baking is manly as hell. I saw where cookies weren’t and say no, this will not do. I created my own food, with science. I wanted cookies, so I made some goddamn cookies because they are tasty and delicious. The only difference between me and my mother making them, is I took some grown up initiative instead of being caught up in obsolete gender roles.

The only thing that would have been gay about me baking cookies is if a dude wanted to perform fellatio on me as payment for them because lets face it, my cookies are fucking goddamn delicious.

~ Jayden (@jaydenw) Ask Jayen a Question