A Preview of a few of the Cakes from the Show

These are just a few that caught my eye today, and I don’t have any names of the creators since they were still judging some of them as I was taking photos (I’m missing some of the titles as well as I didn’t want to keep getting in everyone’s way). Also, these only go up partway through the Intermediate division because it’s getting late and I haven’t had much sleep lately.
Forgot to collect the title of the cake – but I’m betting this one was made by Tyler Gary.

(Teen: Wedding Tiered)
Forgot to collect the title of this one

(Culinary Student: Special Techniques)

Grey seems to be one of the themes this year.

Title: Happy Birthday Alexa
(Adult Beginner: Novelty Tiered)

Title: Where the Wild Things Are
(Adult Beginner: Novelty Tiered)

Title: Kukul-kan Guarding its Temple
(Adult Beginner: Novelty Tiered)

While I’m not sure I’d be willing to eat this cake, they did an amazing job with it.

Title: Willie Nelson
(Adult Intermediate: Sculpted Cakes)

I think I’m beginning to like this color more than I used to.

Title: Paper Garden Cake
(Adult Intermediate: Novelty Tiered)

And this is one of the better versions of this year’s big trend…peacocks (and grey).

Title: Peacock
(Adult Intermediate: Wedding Tiered)

See you tomorrow with more photos!

It’s the Capital Confectioners’ 9th Annual Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition!




With all the medical issues this past year, I had planned on only entering the tasting competition this time around. That actually worked out well since I also have a Root Beer Schnapps cake recipe I’ve been working on for a while, and one of the categories this year is cakes made with or flavored with alcohol.

And then BOOM!

I ended up getting sick last Saturday (it’s always a bad sign when a hockey rink starts to feel too warm for long sleeves). After a week, I’m finally well enough to attend the show, but now there’s not enough time to slam out a non-contagious tasting entry. Oh well, at least I get to check out all the other entries.

Steve was worried that I’d be depressed about not being able to compete this year, but I thought I was fine with it until I saw Nicolas Lodge judging my usual division and category today. Now I’m a little depressed.

My camera and I had some disagreements while photographing cakes, so many of them didn’t turn out. I’m going through them now to see what I can post tonight. Tomorrow I’ll spend most of the day retaking pictures since there’s less of a crowd on the second day (most people are too busy with the vendors or classes). I’d be further along with getting photos up tonight, but Steve decided to start watching the entire run of Cheers on Netflix and it’s turning out to be funnier than I remembered (I didn’t have a TV when the show came out, so I’ve only seen a little of it).

Maybe it’s a good thing that Steve’s now playing his new PS3 game so I no longer have an excuse not to rummage through my photos. If I can stop grousing about my camera and how crappy a photographer I am, I may get something out in the next hour.

When is a 500lb Darth Vader an amazing thing to see?

When he’s made of cake.

The 500lb cake was presented at the 501st Legion costume convention in Orlando, Florida (I’m assuming this was at the Star Wars Celebration this past weekend). The Daily Mail has the full article, along with quite a few photos of the construction and deconstruction of the cake.

The cake was made possible through a joint donation between Amanda Oakleaf Cakes in Winthrop, Massachusetts and DK Publishing, with Tyler and Amanda Oakleaf, and their bakery team, doing the actual work. The cake took two weeks to build after four months of planning.

The cake was made up of 386 eggs, 2 gallons of milk, 3 and a half cups of vanilla, 32lbs of flour, 46lbs of sugar, 57lbs of butter and 210lbs of home-made marshmallow fondant.

Tyler and Amanda Oakleaf serving up cake for 600 people.

This is the kind of cake construction that I’d love to learn how to do correctly. However, I’ll need to figure out how to keep my smaller sculpture cakes from toppling over before I can get to the point of baking life-sized edible sculptures of people.

Once again, for more photos and details, check out the full article here.

And for some less than stellar Darth Vader cakes, check out the recent Cake Wrecks post, as well as a few from the Great White Snark–here and here.

QA Testing Cake of Deliciousness – frustration has never been this tasty!

So I’m still doing the three-month QA testing gig at work… and this time around it’s quite a bit more frustrating. Every time we let the IT group know about a new bug–they send back a message that they either:

– cannot reproduce the issue*,

– would like a movie of each and every step that led up to the issue**,

– and/or would like the login name and password we were using when it happened***.

In frustration, one of my co-workers drew a Venn diagram on the white board with the above three requests in each circle. A little while later, after being asked for another movie of something they couldn’t reproduce–but I couldn’t get to stop happening–I walked up and finished filling out the interlocked circles.

QA Testing Diagram

After a week or so of seeing this on the board every day, I decided that there was no reason why frustration couldn’t be turned into a tasty treat.

Thus the Venn diagram QA testing cake of deliciousness was created.

QA Testing Cake

It’s a homemade red velvet cake (created with white chocolate) and filled/covered with cream cheese frosting****. I brought it in the first Sunday we worked overtime trying to keep on schedule, and there wasn’t much left to take home afterwards.

No, we didn’t offer any to the IT group.
* We think they attempt to reproduce the same bug by waving their hands in front of the monitors or doing some strange IT dance rather than actually following the detailed steps we provide because they can’t seem to reproduce anything we send them. OK, that was an exaggeration. I about fell over the two times they admitted they also saw the same issue the first time it was submitted to them.

** EVERY SINGLE TIME!  Sometimes even after we’ve already attached a movie and multiple screenshots.

*** We have limited ids to use for our testing, and before we learned our lesson, they’d log in while we were running our tests and screw up our data. This was finally defeated by re-running and filming any new bug while logged in using their own assigned IT user ids before sending them the information. It was a hysterically funny conversation the first time the head IT guy realized this.

****I’ll post the recipe as soon as I get it into the computer. Right now it’s still on a splotched and scribbled piece of notebook paper. I hated every red velvet recipe I tried and so it’s taken a year and multiple attempts to get it to the point where I’m actually willing to sell it.