2012 Cake Show: Junior Division

Junior (7 – 12 years): One category – not divided by style. Juniors may have an adult assist with baking the cake. Each junior must ice and decorate their own entry.

Like the Childs division, this group is not judged. All entries receive a medal and the mention of what made their cake unique. Once they hit the Teen division, that changes, but at this age it’s still all in fun.

As with most of the divisions and categories, I didn’t photograph every entry. These are ones I liked or that caught my eye for some reason.
Knight of the Picnic Table
Title: Knight of the Picnic Table
by Gabby Ruiz
Waiting for a knight
Title: Waiting for a knight
by Aurrra Johnson
Cherry Blossom
Title: Cherry Blossom
by Marie Nicole Peralta
Fancy Dress
Title: Fancy Dress
by Hailey Goud
Flashy Dress
Title: Flashy Dress
by Lydia Goud
Title: Sushi!
by Nathan Pfenning

2012 Cake Show: Children Division

Children (6 years and under): One category – not divided by style. Children may have an adult assist with baking the cake. Each child must ice and decorate their own entry.

I truly enjoy seeing cakes decorated by kids. No one expects perfection and there’s no judging, so it’s mostly for fun.

As in most of the divisions and categories, I did not photograph every entry. These are ones I liked or that caught my eye for some reason.
Untitled Cake
Title: Unknown
by Berkeley Dean
Butterflies Day
Title: Butterflies Day
by Gabby Vergara
Awesome Car
Title: Awesome Car
by Jackson Lillard
Atomic Whoopie Cushion
Title: Atomic Whoopie Cushion
by “Shoobie” Russell Stevens
Littlest Pet Shop Fish
Title: Littlest Pet Shop Fish
by Lindsay Goud
Title: Dragon
by Talia Stewart
Robot Knight
Title: Robot Knight
by Alvie Stewart

2012 That Takes the Cake!

With work being so busy (I got the promotion–woo hoo!), and trying to deal with a new health issues (side effect of it taking almost a year to sort out the kidney stone problem), I decided to take it easy and only enter the Buttercream category this year. I thought it would be less stressful since it wouldn’t require much effort on my part to win.

No, I’m not boasting…much. But the two entries from the past few years have been mediocre and not much of a challenge. Of course, that’s when it got a bit more complicated.

As I was getting out of my car to go register for the competition, there was a sudden flash of an idea. I knew that somehow, that mango candy recipe from December would make a great cookie! So I went ahead and signed up for the tasting competition in the Cookie category, along with the Buttercream Only category for the decorating side.

Figuring out how to turn the candy recipe into a cookie recipe took a lot more time than I expected, along with lots and lots of baking. Since Steve and I are trying to make healthy food choices, all my extras went to work where I received some excellent feedback. The resulting cookie is rather rich, but good enough to keep around even if I lose. Since all levels are lumped together in the tasting divisions, I’ll be competing with professional bakers, which is why I won’t be too devastated if I don’t place (I’ll post the recipe after all the obligatory photos from the show are finally up).

As for the buttercream entry, instead of doing the sort of novelty cake that I specialize in, I wanted to do a Lambeth style design instead. Something I’ve never tried. I’m not sure why I was so hung up on it since my piping skills are rather weak, but since I wasn’t too worried about the competition for that category, I figured it would increase the challenge a bit.

It’s lovely how karma sneaks up you when you least expect it. My cake didn’t turn out that great. My piping is still too wobbly, I haven’t had any training on this style of decorating, and I was trying to figure out how to do the different designs based on the finished product rather than building it up correctly since all I had to work with were images of completed cakes. Then when I woke up this morning, part of the top border had fallen.

I fixed the border, drove like a little old lady trying to get it to the show in one piece where it fell apart again while trying to wheel it from my car to the convention center. I fixed it one last time (thankfully I brought all my stuff with me), and located my competitors.

That’s when karma decided to stop trying to get my attention and just started to hit me with a really big stick…

…the entries I expected were not there. But the winner from the beginner’s division last year decided that she needed more of a challenge and moved up to intermediate. She’s good. She’s very, very good. And she’s much better than I am…so much for an easy medal.

You win this time karma.

The Bitter Teeth

I have so many things that I’ve wanted to post over the past year and I was just too worn down from pain to keep up with them all. I’m trying to put some of the more interesting ones together in multiple link dump posts, but this one is just too good to wait while I sort through over a hundred old drafts before posting.

It’s a cake.

Well, of course it’s a cake if it’s showing up here. In fact it’s a cake covered in chocolate. The best part is that it’s the most amazing chocolate coated skull cake that I’ve ever seen.

I know!

I am so insanely jealous of Chloe Bird’s skill. She made this cake as an entry for Threadless’s annual cake competition and she even posted photos of the process on their site. Check it out. NOW!

Portal with Cake

Dedicated to my nephew, who was the only person in my family who got the GLaDOS quote.

The credits are enjoyable. My favorite part is after the rant about realtors and states: TWO cakes were eaten in the making of this film. The salt is a lie. BOTH were super tasty!

Made by Eisen Feuer and Jesse Lopez
Starring Nicole Leigh
Catering by Mom

I’m also curious about the Unbridled Gentlemanly Manliness provided by Sean Kauffman.

via epbot.com