Lazy Link Friday

Cute steampunk cookies

Gorgeous, but not sure I could eat it…

Headline: “Over consumption of two-minute noodles but students at risk of chronic illness”.  Actual article: Most students and low income groups don’t have access to healthy food.

The Futurama of Physics with David X. Cohen

Non-edible cake, with teeth

As a kid, fine dining for us was dinner at Red Lobster.  I think I’m jealous.

Embroidery and circuits

CAKE: Professional Division – Part Four (Special Techniques)

The Professional Division is for decorators with a high level of skills, more than six years cake decorating experience, and more than 90 hours of cake decorating or sugar art instruction.

There were a lot of entries, but the photos below are the ones I found interesting.

Baby Shower Cookies

The baby cookies were nice, but several of the ones in the Intermediate division were, well, more professional looking.

Rabbit Cookies

This a great demonstration of what a good display can do for your cookies.  The rabbits themselves are very nice, but the little lettuce and carrots in the garden are adorable and add to the entire theme.  I’ll have to remember that next year.

Here is another horse.  It’s made of modeling chocolate with a little bit of fondant.  While the legs are still kinda wonky, this is pretty damn good… but it’s not the best horse of the competition yet.

Here is an example of an entry that introduced me to something new.  I passed by this cocoa painting on Saturday without really paying attention to it.  While waiting for the awards ceremony on Sunday, I had more time, and less people to fight to see all the cakes again.  This time I read some of the information that was provided by the decorators to explain what music or item inspired their work.  Here’s a closeup:

What caught my eye?  “heavy metal cello band”  While I’m not into heavy metal, I love cellos–an appreciation that developed after my sister finally got past “Mary had a little lamb” on hers while we were growing up.  I finally did some research this week on the band Apoclyptica and they are actually quite good.  Good enough that I pulled them up on iTunes and purchased some of their songs.  I’ll probably run to Waterloo Records one day and see if they can order a few albums so I can pass them on to my sister and my nephew, who is now learning to play the cello too.

Another special technique not on cake.  I wish they hadn’t used a mirror to display it, it kind of detracts from all the work that went into it.  And this was the last of my photos from the professional division.  Up next will be the Master’s Division.

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CAKE: Adult Intermediate Division (Wedding Cakes, Special Techniques Not on a Cake, and Confections)

The Adult Intermediate Division is for decorators with developing skills, two to four years cake decorating experience, 30 to 60 hours of cake decorating or sugar art instruction. 

This post covers only some of the wedding cakes, special techniques, and confections entered in this division (these are the ones I either liked or found interesting for other reasons).

The petals on the roses of this cake were paper thin and the color is marvelous.  Too bad the leaves look like thick, cheap rubber. Other than that, this was a nice cake.

While this looks like a lopsided cake (another one calling itself "whimsical", which makes me cringe), it's actually considered a Special Technique not on Cake.  If you look closely, you can see that it's a gingerbread house.  A lopsided gingerbread house that is threatening to whimsically fall over and crush its competition.

Another Special Technique not on Cake, but I won't be making fun of this one.  Not only is it very well done, but the tiny little doves on the bird bath make me smile.  This one got an award.

Another Special Technique that won an award.

Molded chocolate that was hand painted.  It was amazing and one of my favorites.  I don't remember if it won second or third.

Seriously cute.

Is it still a cupcake if it's not in a wrapper?

Yes, these are cookies, and they won first place for Confections in this division.

The mendhi cookies were the other confection that won either second or third place.

And I'm adding this one, because I forgot to include it in the earlier post with the correct category:

Yep, rubber chickens trying to get a suntan at the beach.

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Space Cookies!

A friend of ours owns a data recovery company. This is a good thing because MacDaddy accidently lost some info and needed an emergency fix one Sunday evening.  Our friend was kind enough to open up his office, on his first weekend off in quite a while, to help us out.  So as an additional thank you, I made him a batch of space themed cookies.

Both the sun and moon cookie cutters were spur of the moment purchases, but the rocketship was something I HAD to have the moment I saw it.  They need to make more geeky cookie cutters… a D&D theme would be kinda cool.  I know our friend would like it, and we'll probably need his services again in the future.



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PMS Cookies

Ok, they don't taste like anything related to PMS (ewwwww!), nor are they cookies. They're more of a Haystack that satisfies all the food cravings I get around "that time of the month." Believe me, PMS Cookies sounds much better than Menstrual Haystacks. These delights cover the four food groups required when dealing with serious PMSing: sugar, chocolate, salt, and crispy stuff.

Haystacks to Sooth a Savage Period

12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips

12 oz. butterscotch chips
12 oz. salted cocktail peanuts
12 oz. Chow Mein Noodles (the fried kind)

  1. Dump the butterscotch and chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl. Heat the bowl in the microwave for a minute and stir the chips. Repeat, in 30 second intervals, until the chips are completely melted. As the chips will hold their shape until touched, stir after each heating. DO NOT OVERCOOK!
  2. Dump in the nuts and the fried noodles and stir until everything is coated.
  3. Spoon mixture on to wax paper or aluminum foil in 1 – 2 inch haystack piles and let setup in the fridge.

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