Tinkerbell Cupcake Cake

Ryanne is a cool little kid.  She keeps my husband entertained, draws pictures for us, and generally brightens up our Sunday mornings when we all get together.  Last month was her birthday, and with everything going on, her Mom realized that she wouldn't have time to put together a birthday cake and asked if I would do one for her.  It did take a little while for Ryanne to make up her mind on whether she wanted a Tinkerbell cake or a Transformers cake.

Her mom wanted a cupcake cake so it would be easier for the teacher to deal with in class, and she also wanted an extra dozen matching cupcakes to take home for the family later. They wanted chocolate cake with my standard cream cheese frosting.

I think it worked out pretty well for a cupcake cake.  I usually don't like making them because they use way too much frosting, and they're really kind of awkward to handle.  But I do understand why some people like not having to provide a knife, forks, and plates.

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Halloween was busy for not going out and doing anything.  I spent the week making cupcakes for the hubby-love and I to take in to work, as well as a cupcake cake for a friend (to be posted later).  I also dressed up for work so I could compete in the company costume contest.

The wolfmen are chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting, and the mummies are marble cupcakes with regular cream cheese frosting. The orange cupcakes were boring, so they didn't make it into the photo.

I did the zombie thing again this year, but this time I won a prize for the scariest costume.  I ended up with a nice stoneware set that I'm looking forward to using during the holidays. I also managed to convince my husband to purchase one of those silly hats for the cats and we spent an afternoon tormenting them.  We had so much fun that we went out and bought two more hats for next year.

You can tell Molly isn't very happy with us.  We tortured Nemo and Kuro as well, but left Miette alone because she's all muscle.  That, and she took off the moment we pulled out the hat.

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