Science can be Amazing

In 1935, Modern Mechanix had a brief article about the wonders of whipped cream from a canister.  Of course this canister is attached to a shitload of equipment.  With all the talk of a bright future, homes in space, robots, and food in pill form–it's amazing that canned whipped cream was one of the things we actually got right.

Cream Whipped By Expanding Gas

AT THE push of a button, ordinary cream, subjected to a new process, can now be turned into whipping cream. The cream is first put up by the dairy in containers of automobile steel. Rendered air-tight by the elimination of oxygen, the container next receives an injection of nitrous oxide gas. As the housewife presses the button on the top of the small cask, the nitrous oxide expands, forcing out the cream under pressure and, through aeration, whips the product.

The article about a New Kitchen Built to fit your Wife is interesting too.  Many features can be found today, with the exception of the coolest (and pretty damn important to me) item–counters that can be raised or lowered to fit height and arm length.  Yep, I'm a tall snarkychef.

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