Daily Culinary Quote: The Secret to Pie is Pie

“The secret to pie,” she said, sweeping around the kitchen and peering into cupboards, “is the crust. And the filling. And the topping.”

“So the secret to pie is pie?”

“Am I wrong?” she asked, placing pie tins next to an oversized marble rolling pin on the counter.

“It’s not all that much of a secret,” I told her.

“Yet so few people ever get it right…”

~ K. B. Spangler (The Russians Came Knocking)

Webcomics and baking

All New Issues:  Food, fashion accessories, AND science fiction. I want my own scarf now!

Sheldon: A step-by-step guide to walk you through the decision-making process of whether you should have a cookie. The artist also sells it as a print that I’m planning on ordering for my kitchen. (Bonus Sheldon comparing cherry tomatoes to the Three Stooges.)

Head Trip: An Inception cake

Two of my favorite strips from Questionable Content that are also rated G: Cookies and Pies (the artist sells a t-shirt with this quote on it – I ended up wearing it to the first day of the Austin cake show this year)


Happy Halloween!

We’re visiting friends who recently moved from Orlando to Dallas, so we don’t have much Halloween stuff going on this weekend.

Pumpkin shit pies

I don’t know who made the display above – but it’s my favorite.  We didn’t have our annual pumpkin decorating contest at work this year, so I didn’t have a chance to borrow this idea.

Because everyone needs a superhero
We’re not dressing up, so I’m sharing a photo my sister-in-law took of her youngest. I have photos of all three boys on my Flickr site if anyone is curious.

Happy Halloween.  Now on to Thanksgiving!