Signs that you should start thinking about finding a new job…

The prep cook starts yelling that "You're not a baker, and you need to get that shit out of your head right now!", during your second week of work after the boss leaves for the day.  This is after you were hired as a baker.

The person in charge of expanding the baking side of the business quits a month after you were hired because of "issues with the owner"… and the expansion was why you were hired in the first place.

Instead of baking, you do more and more cooking–both prep and line–because the prep cook keeps screaming and yelling at the other new-hires after everyone leaves for the day, and so they keep quitting.

The health insurance that was supposed to be comparable to the previous job's insurance is instead three times the rate… for one person… with fewer actual benefits.

After multiple screw-ups due to bad math, the head cooks tells the prep cook that he has to take any recipe calculations to you to double-check.  Yes, this is the prep cook who already hates your guts, and now he has a new reason to be pissed.  So in retaliation, he sabotages your bread.

The sabotage job is so poorly done that you boss picks up on it before you notice.  The bad part is that she tries to downplay it so you won't quit because she's not allowed to fire him.

The owner knows about it, but all he says is "don't do it again."

It happens again.

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