Last hockey game of the regular season

Ok, so I’m actually a week behind schedule with the hockey photos and over a month behind on everything else.  There’s a reason that I’m behind on everything… it’s medical, it involves my remaining lady bits, and leaves me constantly tired and cranky.  Hell, I’ve been thinking about changing my name from snarkygurl to snarlygurl because the constant pain is making me want to reach through my computer at work and strangle my fellow coworkers on a daily basis.  Either they’re becoming more stupid and annoying, or I’m becoming a bigger bitch.  We’ll see what happens at the end of the month after my surgery.

Now back to the hockey game.  If you want the details of our ass whipping, you can read the details at Hundred Degree Hockey.

Out of the 453 photos I took, there were around 84 usable shots. Of those, only about eight were interesting. That’s a pretty decent ratio for me. I’ve included four here.
Lost puck, lost footing
This was taken early in the game. Near the end of the game, I got almost the exact some photo but with different players in each of the positions.
Helmer holding Backman
Sean Backman was held by Bryan Helmer, but that didn’t stop him. In fact, I can’t think of much that stopped Backman that night. Too bad he didn’t get any goals.
Sean Backman
More Backman.
Grinning Spang
I love Dan Spang’s grin in this one.

Oh, and we lost our first game against the Milwaukee Admirals this evening. Suck!

Texas Stars vs Houston Aeros – 11/24/10

We have three home games this week and another three next week, so other than a post with a recipe for pumpkin cheesecake, it’ll probably all be about hockey.  Sorry about that (but not sorry enough to stop).

Wednesday night was against the Houston Aeros.  We stomped them 5 to 3, and Spang collected two more assists.

Texas Stars - Dan Spang

Go Spang!!!

Texas Stars vs Houston Aeros - 11/24/10

Texas Stars vs Houston Aeros - 11/24/10

And because I started off with a Spang shot, here’s a Fortunus and two Larsens.

Texas Stars - Maxime Fortunus

Texas Stars - Philip Larsen

Texas Stars - Philip Larsen

This was also the first night that our friend’s Heroic Efforts Data Recovery sign was in place in the Cedar Park Center.  Got a shot of it with the owner, Jeremy Derr.

Heroic Effort's Sign in the Cedar Park Center

(And for those who are going to ask – yes, we’ve had to use Heroic Efforts ourselves, and they are good).

“On defense, you have to be thinking.”

It used to be that Maxime Fortunus was my only favorite player for the Texas Stars.

Texas Stars: Maxime Fortunus

While he’s still my favorite, there are two new players that I’ve been paying much more attention to recently.

Philip Larsen–who looks like my brother did at that age… all scrawny, yet surprisingly strong–is a 20 year-old player from Denmark.

Texas Stars: Philip Larsen

I made the mistake of saying that Larsen was “going to be very good one day” in front of my husband who interrupted me to say “He’s ALREADY good!” And he is. What I meant to say is that I’m looking forward to seeing how far he goes.

Dan Spang is another player I’m watching.

Texas Stars: Dan Spang

He’s already has six assists this year, three of which were all from the same game on 11/16/10 against the Chicago Wolves (best game of the season so far with six goals in the second period, and also the first night I really paid attention to Spang).

It was looking up Spang’s stats that made me realize most of my favorite hockey players are defensemen.

That may explain why I was so fascinated with Chris Chelios last year.  That, or it was because Chelios was a great player.  Even after all the Texas Stars fans boo’d him during the games, they wanted to meet him afterwards (the photos below are all from 10/31/09).

Texas Stars vs Chicago Wolves

Texas Stars vs Chicago Wolves

Texas Stars vs Chicago Wolves

Part of me wishes he hadn’t retired this year.

”It takes brains. It’s not like a forward, where you can get away with scoring and not play defense. On defense, you have to be thinking.” – Chris Chelios