Daily Culinary Quote: Preparing Supper

“Sitting on the porch alone, listening to them fixing supper, he felt again the indignation he had felt before, the sense of loss and the aloneness, the utter defenselessness that was each man’s lot, sealed up in his bee cell from all the others in the world. But the smelling of boiling vegetables and pork reached him from the inside, the aloneness left him for a while. The warm moist smell promised other people lived and were preparing supper.

He listened to the pouring and the thunder rumblings that sounded hollow like they were in a rainbarrel, shared the excitement and the coziness of the buzzing insects that had sought refuge on the porch, and now and then he slapped detachedly at the mosquitoes, making a sharp crack in the pouring buzzing silence. The porch sheltered him from all but the splashes of the drops that hit the floor and their spray touched him with a pleasant chill. And he was secure, because some where out beyond the wall of water humanity still existed, and was preparing supper.”

~ James Jones (From Here to Eternity)

Daily Culinary Quote: Cold Revenge on this National Gazpacho Day

To celebrate National Gazpacho Day, I’m posting one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite shows: The Venture Brothers.

The Phantom Limb: “Revenge, like gazpacho soup, is best served cold, precise, and merciless.”

The Monarch: “Yeah, yeah, you can never have enough precision in your soup.”


Yes, today is actually National Gazpacho Day, although I can’t locate enough information on it to confirm that it’s a real thing. For now I’m assuming it was set up through this group or something similar.

It’s also National Microwave Oven Day, National Pawnbrokers Day, National “Cook for Christmas” Day, National Miner’s Day*, St. Nicholas Day†, and Finland’s Independence Day‡.


*  National Miner’s Day is a real thing. It was established in 2009 by Congress to mark the anniversary of the worst mining accident in American history in Monogah, West Virgina in 1907, resulting in the deaths of 361 miners.

St. Nicholas Day is a real thing too, but I probably didn’t need to point that out. Anyway, here’s hoping Ben and Pen enjoyed their first Sinterklaasavond in Amsterdam last night.

‡ Finland’s Independence Day is a celebration of Finland’s declaration of independence from Russia in 1917 (and it’s also real…why would I make this stuff up?).

Quote Source:
“Showdown at Cremation Creek: Part 1”. The Venture Brothers, written by Doc Hammer and Christopher McCulloch (as Jackson Publick), Adult Swim, 8 October 2006