A Shiner Hefeweizen Cake

Yeah, I'm stupid.

My husband was complaining because I'm making all these test cakes, but there's nothing at home for him. So I throw together one of my favorite quickie cakes that use a butter cake mix and beer.  This time I tried Shiner Hefeweizen because a bottle was sitting in the fridge, and the description sounded like a good match–"brewed with orange and lemon peels and pure Texas clover honey."  Topped it off with a glaze of orange flavored cream cheese frosting and it was fabulous!

The next day I'm talking to a co-worker who happens to be a big fan of this beer and he's telling me of alternate ways to drink it using lemon or orange slices, and I suddenly get the idea for a layered cake using the mix, beer, a lemon or orange curd, and possibly other lovely fillings as well.  I couldn't wait to start working on it when I finally had some spare time.

Now the stupid part begins while I'm submitting my registration for the cake competition.  The form says that the fee covers multiple entries into the tasting division and that there just happens to be one for "Jazzed-up Cake Mix Cakes", and before I have time to think it through, I added an entry to that division as well as the "International Favorites" (which was actually planned and tested, multiple times).  Now I REALLY have to work on that cake this weekend. 

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