CAKE: Musical Mice Cake (Adult Intermediate)

This cake not only won first place in its style, but it also won first place in the entire division.  I gave it it's own post because I wanted to share all the cool stuff going on here:


And my favorite…

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8 thoughts on “CAKE: Musical Mice Cake (Adult Intermediate)

  1. weird…it cut off everything but the first sentence…here's what I tried to post:So I googled mice cake to see if anyone was posting pics since my
    friends said a gazillion photos were taken during the show. Yours came
    up first, and how sad am I that all I can think is, "omg, I can see
    that I left some sugar on Brunhilda's hair?"I
    am mostly commenting though because I read your profile and I regularly
    describe myself as a proud nerd. I want to be a total weenie now and
    beg you to be my friend. 😀

  2. Since I'm seeing increased activity on this old blog, mainly in reference to Austin's 2009 cake competition, I just want to remind everyone that I had nothing to do with most of these cakes. I posted these photos because most of them are absolutely amazing.

    This time I'll include the decorator's name with the photos… now that I know where to look for it. (They'll be both at and on Flickr this year.)

    So if any of these photos are tagged with "capital confectioners" or "that takes the cake" and it's not a Chocolate Hazelnut Tiramisu cake – then it isn't mine.

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