CAKE: Masters Division – Part Two

The Masters Division is for decorators who are experts in sugar art. They are known to blah, blah, blah… you know the drill.

Here are the last of the Master's Division photos.  There are only three cakes in this post, but I have a lot of photos of these three cakes stuffed in here, please be patient if it takes a few minutes to load.

It's all edible too…

Next is the winner for the Novelty Tiered Cake.  It has rats, lots of rats.

So are those little black coffee beans around the cake, or rat dropping?  Rat feces jokes aside, I thought this cake was rather cute.

The third cake is an absolute masterpiece.  It won first place for the Sculpture Cake in the Master's Division, first place for the entire Master's Division, and if I'm remembering correctly, it also won first place over ALL of the divisions.

Presenting the last horse of the competition:

This is a freakin' awesome cake.

There are still the Show Cakes and some of the demonstration cakes, and then that's it for this year.

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