I have finally discovered the problem

Some locations will not allow me to upload my photos, so I have to rely on my internet connection at home.  Home, where I am continually and endlessly distracted by anything and everything.  I'm not only referring to my husband and cats, but there are wonderful sites like Fark, Neatorama, and Boing Boing that keep posting things that I. MUST. READ!  (That's not even mentioning all the webcomics that I have an almost obsessive relationship with.)

That may not be much of an excuse, but it's the sad truth.

My new distraction is an old blog that is being released as a movie this summer (well, kinda).  It's called the Julie/Julia Project and I'm up to 10/18/02 so far, and I am completely and utterly hooked.  I'll talk a little more about the movie later, but if you'd like a quick peak, you can see the movie trailer here.

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