My night of Hell with Delta Airlines

Just to clarify, this was my first time flying Delta.

I was assured my connecting flight was also delayed; but just in case, I made sure I was on standby for the 9:33 pm flight to Daytona, and there was also a flight scheduled after 10 pm.

My connection was only delayed for 18 minutes, as opposed to the three hour delay for my first flight, so by the time I got to Atlanta, that flight had already been gone for 30 minutes. After finding out I had missed my connection and located the gate for the 9:33 pm standby, I found that the last flight had been canceled and my standby flight was delayed until 11:30 pm. 

There were two other flights going through my gate while I was waiting.  The one going to Nashville ended up canceled, and the one to Tulsa was delayed several hours for maintenance. When I first got to the gate, I was told that they wouldn't even talk to me until after 9:30, so when I made it back through the line at 10 pm (I probably spent several hours in line at different airports yesterday) they told me that I was 16th on the list for standby and probably wouldn't make the flight.  I grabbed the last flight to Orlando and made arrangements for my sister to drive from Daytona Beach to Orlando to get me at 12:20 am (there was a rumor that the flight to Daytona was going to be canceled anyway).

My luggage didn't make it, although the lady at the Delta baggage claim office in Orlando kept telling me it did and to check the carousel. A different agent finally told me my bag made it to Daytona and I could pick it up in the morning.

I finally made it to Daytona Beach at 2:28 am Monday morning, as opposed to the originally scheduled 8:00 pm Sunday evening. Because my tickets back to Texas are through Delta, I'll have to use them one more time, but I don't think I'll make that mistake again in the future.  Sorry, but my experience with Delta was a nightmare.

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