2010 Cake Odyssey is coming up soon

The annual That Takes the Cake! Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition will be February 27th through the 28th in Austin, TX.

I’m excited because while this will be my second year to compete, it will be my first year to compete in the decorating side.  I was so nervous about it last year that I only entered the tasting competition (and took second place–woo hoo!).

For information about this year’s show, go the the That Takes the Cake! website.  There will be all kinds of classes and demonstrations, on-site competitions, and hundreds of freakin’ awesome cakes.  (I wish I could take the Modeling Chocolate 101 class, but the $550 price tag is way out of my range.)  I’ll be there both days, and my sister and oldest niece will be joining me.

Like last year, I’ll post photos of all the cakes that catch my eye for one reason or another.  If you’re interested in seeing last year’s cake photos, go to snarkychef.vox.com and click on the “cake and sugar art show” tag (or go here).  That will bring up all the posts with my photos from the 2009 show. Hopefully I’ll be able to eventually move them over to Dork Chocolate.

3 thoughts on “2010 Cake Odyssey is coming up soon

  1. I love your D&D cakes! I tried to make a Monster Manual ages ago and it was fairly crappy, and that was pre-digital camera and it turned out that there was no film when I took pics. So, duh-me. Yours are so much better!

    I totally want to meet you at the show. I commented on one of your 2009 show posts that I was begging you to be my new friend and the begging continues. I’ll be running the kid table (except Sunday morning during Mike McCarey’s demo) so please please please come by and say, “Hi, I’m snarkygurl, the totally cool awesome nerd baker.”

    I can’t wait to see your entry! I’m slaving away on mine. It’s going to be a great show!

    And if you live in the Austin area, you should join the Capital Confectioners group. Resistance is futile!

    • I would not only LOVE to be your new friend, but I still bow to your cake decorating awesomeness! Melia gave me your link again so I could watch your progress for this year’s show and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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