Competition begins

Never make a decision about a cake at 2 am. Hated the cake I was decorating and just stopped working in it (this was the one from the first science fiction movie ever made). It didn’t look that bad when I woke up-but was too late to finish it in time for the competition by that point. And the one I did finish ended up with a huge fingerprint in it. Turned that one in anyway. There are a lot of great cakes here, so I don’t expect to win. But that’s fine. I’m glad I did this anyway.

I’ll post time to time during the show today via my phone, and upload some photos tonight.

It starts in 15 minutes and I’m waiting hungerly in the parking lot for my family to show up with Round Rock donuts from the Lone Star Bakery. Working on very little sleep and an empty stomach. Roar!!!!!

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