Busy week finally over

I had two cake orders this week, and both cakes had to be fit in between all the software testing that I’m doing at work.

My mom called a few weeks ago and asked if I could make a wedding cake for her friend’s granddaughter.  Somehow the wedding venue fell through and the cake was ordered through them – so not only did they lose the location, they also lost the cake and catering.  After two weeks of wrong phone numbers, we were finally able to connect.  Luckily she was no bridezilla.  All she wanted was a three-tiered stacked cake with a border and real flowers.  I did point out that she would have to contact the florist or get the flowers herself, but I would put them on after I put the cake together.

It was a strawberry cake with a cream cheese filling, and the standard cream cheese buttercream frosting.  When I got to to the house on Saturday (a relative offered their house for the reception), it was full of people trying to get all the food ready and the house decorated.  I put the cake together and then went out looking for the flowers.  The bride’s mom had grabbed a handful of fake roses that had baby’s breath attached to them.  They weren’t quite what I was expecting, based on the photo the bride had sent me, but when she saw them – it sounded like they weren’t what she was expecting either.

While I was putting the flowers on, her nephew of about five kept bringing me some daisies from another decoration to add to the cake.  The bride was nice about it and let us add one.

Last Minute Wedding Cake

My parents were at the reception and said that the first thing out of the groom’s mouth after having a bite of the cake was – “that’s really good!”  I find it funny how he sounded so surprised by it.

The half-sheet Ironman banana cake on Friday was a hit with the kids.

Ironman Cake

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