Iron Man Cupcakes

Our birthday boy’s real birthday is early next month, but we celebrated today instead since two of our Sunday brunch families (including us) won’t be there for it. Last year, he wanted Thomas the Train, now it’s Iron Man. It’s so cool that he’s getting to the age where we both have the same interests… not sure what that says about me; however it does means his parents are doing a great job of raising another geeklet.

Iron Man Cupcakes

I think I’m beginning to prefer decorating cupcakes over decorating cakes, probably because it’s the closest I can get to making plated desserts these days (yes, I’d be happier in a restaurant than in a bakery, but fewer and fewer restaurants have their own pastry chef anymore).

Iron Man Cupcakes - detail

The helmets and power cells are fondant and everything else is buttercream over chocolate cupcakes.

The Birthday Boy

He was happy, so it was another success!

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