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A downside to being female is the defective internal lady-parts. First there was the hysterectomy several years ago (adenomyosis), and now there’s a freakin’ ovarian cyst that’s interrupting all the fun parts of my life. However, being a female, I can sit at a hockey game and take photos of my favorite player’s butt all night long without anyone telling me I’m a pervert. Try that as a guy….


Since my brother/nephews have moved away, I no longer have anyone to build gingerbread houses with around Christmas this year.

Gingerbread House 2008

And I really enjoyed that tradition. So I got to thinking about what I could make by myself here at home and the first thing that came to mind was a gingerbread bra. The thought didn’t last long as there’s no gingerbread strong enough to hold up my girls. Can’t think of anything else now.


Target finally had the Christmas section set up. In a section full of stocking gifts, I found a puzzle eraser set with a toilet, a roll of toilet paper, a plunger, and a piece of crap too large to fit in the toilet.

Crappy Toys

Is this supposed to be for someone you don’t like…?


Did you know that Ina Garten of the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks and TV show used to work at the White House as a nuclear energy policy analyst? The November issue of The Costco Connection has an interesting article about her along with a few tempting recipes (the two I’d like to try are Roasted Figs with Caramel Sauce and Herbed Ricotta Bruschettas using homemade ricotta).


It started off with an article on why some people love cilantro and why some people hate it (I’m a hater) and then moved on to supertasters. Are you a supertaster?  Now there’s a way to find out without having to chew on chemical soaked paper that tastes like “skunk spray marinated in vomit”.  But is being a supertaster preferable?  Depends on who you ask. (The skunk spray description is from Jolie Myers in the last article I linked to.)


Being able to take a nap in the middle of the day is the most decadent thing I get to do anymore. On Sunday, all of our commitments fell through and we got to kick back, relax, and take a nap. The downside is that dreams I have during the day tend to be more odd than usual. This time I was making vegan bacon when a bunch of ur-gerbils and all of the Monarch’s henchmen got into a fight over who was going to eat it.  I don’t know which part of that dream was more disturbing… the recent obsession with Narbonic, the butterfly-costumed henchmen, or me making non-bacon bacon.


I got to make an iPad cake for coworker’s son last week.  It’s a modified 1/8 sheet cakes, so it’s actually smaller than a real iPad.

iPad Cake

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    • You know what? If you lived around Austin, I’d do it. In fact, I’d make you a huge batch of cupcakes for free in exchange for all those incredible articles you’ve written about woman’s reproductive medicine throughout history. (For anyone else reading this, the collection is called “The Nefarious History of Motherhood”.)

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