2011 Cake Show: Adult Beginner Division, part one

Adult Beginner

Basic skills. 2 years or less decorating experience; self-taught or less then 30 hours of cake decorating or sugar art instruction. Open to all styles.

There were so many entries in this division that I’ll need to break this in to several posts so I can include all the cakes I liked.

***As with most of the divisions and categories, I didn’t photograph every entry. These are ones I liked or that caught my eye for some reason.***

Special Occasion/Novelty One Tier: Any non-tiered cake with a theme such a Birthday, Holiday, Wedding, etc. Any sugar mediums or techniques may be used.

1st Place
Title: Skie
by James V. McLean
No photo of the second place winner.
Adult Arabesque Birthday

3rd Place
Title: Petite Arabesque Birthday
by Lisa Fitch
Floating Flowers

Title: Floating Flowers
by Chantelle Abruzzo
Mom said the flowers looked like they should start slowly bouncing up and down like barn spiders.
Fairy House

Title: Fairy House
by Denise Gall
Pink Roses

Title: Oval Cake with Roses
no name was available
Fabulous roses. Even the leaves are beautiful…
Sculpted Cakes: Shaped or carved cakes, 2-D or 3-D cakes and sculptures. Entries must be real cake. Minimal use of Styrofoam allowed to complete entry. Any sugar mediums may be used. Must submit 3 in-progress pictures with NO identification as to the entrant.
Happy Tortuga

1st Place
Title: Happy Tortuga
by Diane Elizondo
Happy Tortuga Tongue

A happy tortuga tongue.
2nd Place
Title: Serenity
by Erin Larkin

Before I show you the photo of the 2nd place winner, I’d like to tell you the sad tale of a squished cake.

First, let me set the scene: Each table had a blue line of tape in front of it to keep everyone about two feet from the displays. Then ninja volunteers would then lie in wait and until they could sneak up on their victims shouting “everyone stay behind the blue line!” (Seriously, that’s exactly what they did.) But even that wasn’t enough to save these innocent cakes from their squooshed fate.

An unnamed woman, wanting to take photos of the Serenity cake, stepped over the blue line and loomed over the cake. Then, while she was concentrating on getting the perfect shot, her purse slipped and knocked over the pole with the division and category posted on it. It was dragged down with enough force to not only ruin two cakes, but to also splash green frosting on a curtain three feet away.

While the judges had made it over before the accident, neither I nor the show photographer got a photo of the pre-smooshed cake. Here’s what we have:
Serenity (after it was damaged)
Even worse, when one of the volunteers explained what happened to her cake, the cake artist burst into tears. It’s a horrible thing to have something you’ve worked on for so long be destroyed for such a stupid little reason.

If any has a photo of this cake prior to the accident, I would love to post it here.
The second cake wasn’t as badly damaged. I did get a pre-squishified photo of that one.
(I didn’t get any photos of the third place winner.)
Super Kiss in Stone - pre-squish

Title: Super Kiss in Stone
Batman and Catwoman immortalized
by Jennifer Phillips
Corky the Robot

Title: Corky the Robot (Pee-wee Herman’s robot)
by Robin Stevens
(I enjoyed meeting Robin during the last day of the show. I think that getting a chance to meet other people is one of my favorite things about Austin’s cake competition.)

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