2011 Cake Show: Adult Masters Division

Adult Masters

Expert in sugar art. Is known to have mastered specific mediums and techniques. May be an author, instructor, or work in the sugar art business. Has more than 120 hours of instruction. Open to all styles.

***As with most of the divisions and categories, I didn’t photograph every entry. These are ones I liked or that caught my eye for some reason. There were also fewer entries.***

Special Occasion/Novelty One Tier: Any non-tiered cake with a theme such a Birthday, Holiday, Wedding, etc. Any sugar mediums or techniques may be used.
Little Flower Fairy

1st Place
Title: Little Flower Fairy
by Dawn Parrott
Business Name: Show Cakes Houston/Culinary Institute Le Wotre(?)

Little Flower Fairy - close up
Zari Embroidery

2nd Place
Title: Zari Embroidery
by Ruth Rickey
Business Name: Ruth’s Sweete Justice Bakery, Oklahoma City
Zari is an Indian style of embroidery that uses metallic thread called kasab or kalabattu. (I didn’t know any of this until I looked it up.)
There were only two entries in this category.

Sculpted Cakes: Shaped or carved cakes, 2-D or 3-D cakes and sculptures. Entries must be real cake. Minimal use of Styrofoam allowed to complete entry. Any sugar mediums may be used. Must submit 3 in-progress pictures with NO identification as to the entrant.

1st Place
Title: Pegasus
by Janette Pfertner
Business Name: Miss Janette’s Cakes
Pegasus 2

There was only one entry, but it was pretty awesome.

There were no Special Occasion/Novelty Tiered Cakes, no Buttercream Only Cakes, and no Confection Not-on-a-cake entries.

Wedding Tiered Cakes: Cakes with two or more tiers decorated specifically for weddings or anniversaries. Any techniques or sugar mediums may be used.
(No photos of first place for this category.)
Western Wedding

2nd Place
Title: Western Wedding
by Ruth Rickey
Business Name: Ruth’s Sweete Justice Bakery, Oklahoma City
International Elegance

3rd Place
Title: International Elegance
by Martha Herbert
Business Name: Sweet Southern Ladies

Special Techniques Not-On-A-Cake: Entries of fondant, gumpaste, sugar molding, color flow, royal icing, etc. Displayed as an individual technique and NOT as a decoration on a cake. A combination of techniques and mediums may be used, but it must be presented alone and not as part of a cake.
(No photos of first place for this category, and there were only two entries.)

2nd Place
Title: Fantasia
by Peggy Tucker
Business Name: School of Cakeology LLC

FINALLY DONE!!!! I’m going to bed.

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