Other Showcake Category Entries

Here are some more showcake entries.

Batman and Catwoman Wedding Cake

Title: Batman and Catwoman – The Secret Wedding of the Bat and Feline
by Yolanda Jones

The Walking Dead

You can see where the top part is missing. It sucks when something like that happens after spending days on cake.

Title: The Walking Dead
by Meaghan Dorsey

The Walking Dead

This was the top part of the Walking Dead cake. I didn’t get a chance to see what it looked like before it fell.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Title: Teen Age Muntant Ninga Turtles
(I am not making this up–in fact, I double-checked the spelling on the entry form several times)
by Sara Frias
The Tick

The Tick closeup

Title: The Tick
by Stephanie McVey
Wonder Woman

There was no entry form for this cake anywhere, nor was there a name tent on the second day.

Wonder Woman closeup

This is what I would look like if I were stuffed into a corset and a black wig.
Batman and a Dinosaur

Somehow I missed photographing the entry form for this cake, so I don’t have the title or the name of the decorator.
Wonder Woman Tiered Showcake

Title: Wonder Woman
by Rebecca Triplett

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