RIP: The Father of Loud

Dr. Jim Marshall died today at the age of 88.

Marshall was a larger than life figure with a taste for single malt Scotch whiskey and Cuban Montecristo cigars. Even in his 70s, when he was already suffering from some serious health problems, he thought nothing of hopping a plane to catch an Iron Maiden concert.

It's the only image I own that fits

UPDATE: News like this made its way quickly through work today. Honestly, I think the majority of the people at the Austin site for my company are either involved in the music industry in some way, or are audiophiles, or both. Most of my knowledge of the Marshall stack came from trying to keep up with the music gossip at the office, listening to my husband, and my own research when making that little Spinal Tap cake.

Here’s my favorite article so far… from the LA Times.

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