The winners of the 2010 Showcake Category

Normally this would be the last thing I’d post because these are the masterpieces of the entire show… however, I’m trying to be less cruel this year.

(This is open to all levels and divisions.  In fact, this year’s first place winner usually competes at the Adult Intermediate level.)

5th place: Claudia Estela Rosales
4th place: Sylvia Wilson
3rd place: Lisette Vergara (she won first in this category last year)
2nd place: Brian Stevens
1st place: Kimberly Chapman (this cake is so unbelievably cool that it will get a separate post)

And then there’s Janet Barron – she is the winner of her category, the winner for her entire division, and the top pick out of all seven divisions.  In fact, you could call her Best of Show.

Oh wait, you wanted photos too?  Heh.  You’ll have to wait until I’m done with all the others.

A few photos from the show

Here is my entry that I quit working on because I can’t be trusted to make an intelligent decision at 2 am after not sleeping for two days.

This was my inspiration.

This is what I was working on.
le voyage dans le lune

These are the two entries that I would have been competing against if I had finished it:

And this is the most awesome entry for the Adult Beginner division ever:

sugar ship

I am so tired. Need to head home and catch up on sleep. I promise to post lots and lots of photos tomorrow.

Competition Regrets

I saw the two entries in the buttercream category in my division and now I’m kicking myself for not finishing that cake and entering it because mine was more interesting. I’ll post the photo of the two entries and my unfinished cake tonight. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

My entry for Confection Not-on-a-Cake would have had a chance if I hadn’t accidentally put a finger into Rocket Girl’s thigh. Half-dried royal icing is difficult, if not impossible, to repair and there are several other entries in this category that are very good. There’s still a very small chance I can qualify for third place, but I won’t be devistated if it doesn’t happen.

We’re currently watching the on-site mystery cake competition.