Competition begins

Never make a decision about a cake at 2 am. Hated the cake I was decorating and just stopped working in it (this was the one from the first science fiction movie ever made). It didn’t look that bad when I woke up-but was too late to finish it in time for the competition by that point. And the one I did finish ended up with a huge fingerprint in it. Turned that one in anyway. There are a lot of great cakes here, so I don’t expect to win. But that’s fine. I’m glad I did this anyway.

I’ll post time to time during the show today via my phone, and upload some photos tonight.

It starts in 15 minutes and I’m waiting hungerly in the parking lot for my family to show up with Round Rock donuts from the Lone Star Bakery. Working on very little sleep and an empty stomach. Roar!!!!!

Friday Notes

My hubby-love has asked that I not refer to him as snarkyboy anymore.  He prefers Honored Husband, but I’m not sure I can keep typing that without giggling.   Let’s try Candy Pants instead.


Before this week, I hadn’t realize how difficult it was to make an astronaut look sexy while riding a rocket through space.  I’ll be up late tonight trying to make it work in time for tomorrow’s show.  Wish me luck.

Gotta tell you about Kimberly Chapman

Back when I was trying to find nerdy ideas for cakes, I ran into a great little gallery with cakes labeled “Shelob”, “Discworld” and “Flayed Goblin”.  How great is that?  I mean who doesn’t want to eat a flayed goblin head?.   Little did I know that would be my first of several introductions to Kimberly Chapman’s cakes.

The next time was when a friend forwarded me a link to her Fraggle cake (it was even posted as a Sunday Sweets on Cake Wrecks).

Then came last year’s That Takes the Cake! Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition.  There was a cake in the Intermediate Division that was absolutely adorable.  The cake was covered in little musical mice that just can’t be fully appreciated by viewing one photo. I was so excited about it that I took lots and lots of pictures and even gave it it’s own post.  That was on the first day of the competition.  The next morning, snarkyboy and I met with our Sunday morning breakfast group and I was telling them about all the cakes I saw when Melia mentioned that someone she knew did this really cool mouse cake for the show. I dragged out my portable and sure enough, it was the same cake.

Melia gave me the link to Kimberly’s website where she had posted little glimpses of what she was working on prior to the contest, and I realized that the website looked very familiar.  I had located the owner of all the nerdy cakes that I loved so much, and she lived in Austin!

Sadly, the first impression I left Kimberly with later that day was rather confusing.  I went up to congratulate her after the awards ceremony and probably came off more like a dork than anything else.  She did email me later after reading my post, which was very cool, and having her leave the first comment on this new blog a few days ago is even better!

She’s posted teasers of her entry for this year… wanna see?

I’m glad that I ran out of time to work on my entry for tiered novelty cakes because it looks like she’ll kick my ass in that category (don’t worry Yvette, I’m still entering two other categories).

2010 Cake Odyssey is coming up soon

The annual That Takes the Cake! Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition will be February 27th through the 28th in Austin, TX.

I’m excited because while this will be my second year to compete, it will be my first year to compete in the decorating side.  I was so nervous about it last year that I only entered the tasting competition (and took second place–woo hoo!).

For information about this year’s show, go the the That Takes the Cake! website.  There will be all kinds of classes and demonstrations, on-site competitions, and hundreds of freakin’ awesome cakes.  (I wish I could take the Modeling Chocolate 101 class, but the $550 price tag is way out of my range.)  I’ll be there both days, and my sister and oldest niece will be joining me.

Like last year, I’ll post photos of all the cakes that catch my eye for one reason or another.  If you’re interested in seeing last year’s cake photos, go to and click on the “cake and sugar art show” tag (or go here).  That will bring up all the posts with my photos from the 2009 show. Hopefully I’ll be able to eventually move them over to Dork Chocolate.