Showcake Category Winners (places 1st through 5th)

5th Place Showcake

poison ivy

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy
by Peggy Higgins

4th Place Showcake

Bedtimes Stories

Bedtimes Stories

Bedtimes Stories
by Cynthia Bayne

3rd Place Showcake

Fantastic Four - Meteorite Madness!

Fantastic Four - Meteorite Madness!

Fantastic Four – Meteorite Madness!
by Mariana McEnroe

2nd Place Showcake

Fangirl Wolverine Ultra-Cake

Wolverine close up

Fangirl Wolverine Ultra-Cake
by Kimberly Chapman

And because this is Kimberly we’re talking about, I’m posting photos of all the little fangirl details she included in her showcake:

Wolverine Fangirl Text 1

Wolverine Fangirl Text 2

Wolverine Fangirl Text 3

Wolverine Fangirl Text 4

Wolverine Fangirl Text 5

Woverine side cake 2

Woverine side cake 3

Woverine side cake 4

Wolverine nipples on a cake.

1st Place Showcake



Brian Stevens
If you take a close look at the chain draped around Spawn, it’s all piped royal icing around a thin wire, or something similar. I’m amazed that that level of skill.

Showcake Category Winners (places 6th through 9th)

A Showcake is the centerpiece of a special event. Showcakes are showstoppers that make people wonder if it is really cake and how it was made. You have seen Showcake style works of art created on Food Network Challenges, TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off and Ace of Cakes type shows.

One defining element is that Showcakes have a very specific theme that is carefully incorporated into all aspects of the cake and the cake display.

This year’s entries must include elements pertaining to comic book super heroes and super villains, including those from books, movies and television shows.

Judging for the Showcake entries will be based on a point system. 100 maximum points with points awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Application of the theme (15 pts)
  • Precision of techniques (15 pts)
  • Originality and creativity (15 pts)
  • Appropriate design – size, shape, colors, table decorations, etc. (15 pts)
  • Difficulty of techniques (15 pts)
  • Number of techniques used (15 pts)
  • Overall eye appeal – judge’s discretion (10 pts)

(All of the above was taken from the show rules and regulations.)

9th Place Showcake


Underdog is Here!

by Veronica Espinosa

8th Place Showcake


Hellboy is looking tired

by Tami Chitwood
(His chest starting splitting on the second day)

7th Place Showcake

Happy Birthday Mista J!

Happy Birthday Mista J!
by Amanda Campbell
(We were stunned that Harley didn’t place higher in the show. But we were reminded that winning is based on points, and not on how cool the cake actually is.)

6th Place Showcake

Superman Saves the Cake

Superman Saves the Cake

Superman Saves the Cake
by Joanne Good
(Is anyone else thinking Pat from SNL?)

I’ll put up the 1st through 5th place winners after I drop my sister off at the airport this afternoon. This wasn’t just a show weekend, it was also a chance to spend time with someone I haven’t seen in a while. I missed you Twinkie!

Cake Show Favorites

It’s late, and I’m so very, very tired.  While I’ve uploaded photos of some of my favorite cakes to Flickr, currently there’s no info on the division, category, or cake artist yet.  I’ll start updating that tomorrow night along with who won what.

Here’s the link to my flickr set for the 2011 Capital Confectioners’ 7th Annual “That Takes the Cake” Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition.

Today is the 2011 Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition!

It’s the Capital Confectioners’ 7th Annual “That Takes the Cake” Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition. I was shooting for three entries, but only ended up with one again. I ran out of time to finish up the buttercream entry, and it looks like it would have been an easy win this year too.

My entry this year is “The Crimson Chin Multi-verse” in the Confection Not on a Cake category. If you aren’t familiar with the comic book hero from Nickelodeon’s Fairly Oddparents (voiced by Jay Leno, hence the joke about the chin), you can check out the Crimson Chin’s wiki page.

I had originally planned on doing a cookie timeline of Wonder Woman, but after watching the Fairly Oddparents episode where Timmy calls up all the different versions of the Crimson Chin from the 1930’s and up, I couldn’t resist it. Steve’s a little worried that it’s going to be too obscure for the judges–good thing they care more about the technique than the subject.

Here are some photos of my entry:

Outlines of some of the cookies.

Ready to travel
Packed up and ready to take to the show.

Finished entry
Not a great photo since I used my iPhone, but here it is on the display board I created for it.

There were only four other entries for my category when I dropped mine off (I was the 13th person registered for this category, and people were beginning to stream in with their entries as I was leaving). We’re heading back to check it out as soon as the show opens at 10:30 am.

I can’t wait to see everything.

I was up all night finishing this up (done at 7:30 this morning, just in time to shower and deliver it), so no promises about getting any photos posted tonight of my show favorites.

Capital Confectioners’ 7th Annual That Takes the Cake Show & Competition!

The Capital Confectioners’ 7th Annual Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition will take place on February 26-27, 2011.

Once again showing that Austin is the land of the geek, the show’s theme is “Comic Books: Super Heroes & Super Villains”.

Cake decorators and sugar artists from around the country will be sifting through boxes in their attics to find old comic books for inspiration and then practicing their techniques to make a Showcake entry for this year’s theme. Entries must include elements pertaining to comic book super heroes and super villains, including those from books, movies and television shows. Whether classic or campy, dark or delightful, sugar artists are challenged to pay homage to the graphic novel genre. Classic comic book Batman, Adam West TV Batman and Christian Bale movie Batman; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Superman, Sandman and the Joker – along with other comic book superheroes and super villains from the pages of the comic books, the small screen and the big screen will all be making appearances!

While showcakes are the only entries that are required to follow the theme – you’ll still see a lot of cakes and confections from other categories incorporating that theme as well.

There’s also a tasting competition, which I’ll probably enter this year simply because I have a recent interest in gluten-free items.  The four categories are: Gluten-fee cakes, Vegan cakes, Soda cake (soft drinks), and Cookies or Candies.

You can visit the That Takes the Cake site for more information. I’m hoping that some of the bakers I know will enter this year… hint, hint, hint.