FINALLY feeling better

Just as things were getting better–I picked up a sinus infection. Previously to this, I had NO idea how much a cough, sneeze, or even blowing my nose could make muscles in certain other areas of the body move… and in this case, it was the incision site that had finally started feeling better.

Boom! A bunch of time spent healing wasted.

After over a week of various colors dripping from my nose (yellow, florescent green, orange, bloody red; but thankfully no blue, purple, or black), I’m a little further along than I was on November 20th. At least I can drive for short periods of time, go out shopping (a little over an hour exhausted me even though I was clinging to a shopping cart in each of the two stores), and tonight we find out how well I do at the movie theater because I’ve already missed too many  movies that I want to see!

I’d probably be less of a whiny-ass if the cough was finally gone and my–ahem–still unnamed body part was fully healed, but other than that, I’m doing much, much better than before. If fact right now, the most difficult part is trying to keep Steve for overloading my schedule with things that have me using/interacting with my unnamed body part in uncomfortable places (ooooh, that sounds sort of perverted…). This would normally make me want to smack him upside the head–except for the fact that he’s doing it because he’s happy I can finally go out and do stuff with him again. And I have to admit I’m excited about that part too. Most of my frustration is from him thinking that just because I’m released to go back to work (in four days… booo!)–it means I’m all healed up and everything is back to normal–no matter how many times I tell him that all it really means is that the discomfort level is low enough that I can function in society again.


Yesterday I decided I was feeling better and needed to rejoin the rest of the world. And in that short time, I somehow have managed to start a huge project at home. I have no idea HOW I keep doing this. It started out small, until I realized that that each step depends on a different part of the house being cleaned and somewhat organized before I can move on to the next. With my being out of commission for so long–and my lifelong hatred of cleaning–my house is a disaster area with a fully functioning roof.

The good part is that this project gives me some sort of order that must be followed (which means there’s a better chance I’ll complete it rather than quitting in frustration after getting distracted and somehow lost along the way), and the best part is that it’s forcing me clean and organize the house. Something that hasn’t been done in years. Well, at least for the organized part.

But I’m more than willing to admit that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. This is even though I know I’ll be happy/pleased/content/proud when it’s all done and I’ll see them every day when I come home. Also, it’ll give me the confidence I need to push me to do other projects later.

Anyway, I’ll post photos of what I’m talking about when I finally get them finished (I even remembered to grab a before photo). And while they may be a DIY sort of project–they’re for really dorky things that we both love (some we’ve had for years, one I picked up from the recent Comic Con in Austin, and one is Steve’s early Christmas gift –which forced me to stalk one of his favorite comedians. I’ll publicly apologize for that later, and maybe even write him a thank you letter for being so nice about it…I wonder if a bribe would help).

Kinda, sorta making candles

While Steve does his usual recycling push, I’ve started reusing and upcycling some of our stuff. Actually, crap could be a better description. And I’m not talking about literal crap, just some of the junk we’ve accumulated over the years…along with a few things we’d normally throw out.

Surprisingly enough, we disagree on what should be recycled vs reused. He’s started replacing all his ‘non-made in the US clothing’ and plans on donating them to Goodwill and other local organizations, while I think he should at least wear them until they NEED to be replaced since so much of the donated clothing is just bundled up and sold to other countries to use as fiber. In fact, right now I’m sitting next to a pile of jeans on the couch that he won’t wear and I won’t donate. But enough of that.

At least he’s fine with what I’ve started doing with all our leftover bits and pieces of candle wax. We were going through a lot of scented candles with four cats, a smelly man-butt, and a small house (I have a dainty lady-butt, thank you very much) and there’s a lot of wax left at the bottom of the candle jars (bottles, glasses, whatever you call them). I found a bag of candle wicks at our local Hobby Lobby and started scraping down and popping out the bits of leftover wax earlier this year. I combined those with two pillar candles that were no longer usable (the cinnamon candle was missing a wick and the vanilla only burned down one side and ended up dripping all over the place).

Of course, by the time I got everything together, I ended up losing the bag of wicks. So everything sat on my kitchen counter for a few more months until I purchased a new bag last week (thank goodness they’re cheap). After a quick trip to the new Goodwill in town (and the purchase of a really nice wool jacket and a few interesting cookbooks) I had a used pot to melt my wax and I was ready to go.

One mess later and I’m now the proud owner of three new candles. One is cinnamon (it had all the non-vanilla scents mixed in with the cinnamon pillar candle and some food-grade cinnamon oil I had stashed away for cinnamon popcorn), and the remaining two are vanilla. After the second candle, I was tired of trying to layer the colors and just dumped it all in together.

(I haven’t trimmed the wicks on the vanilla candles yet.)

One word of warning! If you are doing this with a strong scented candle, most likely it’s strong because there are a lot of essential oils mixed in with the wax. This means you could end up with wax AND oil all over the place if you suck at pouring hot wax as much as I do. The upside is that right now, I smell very nice.

Cute Piggy!

One of my coworkers has a talented wife who crochets. This shouldn’t mean much to me, as my maternal grandmother also crocheted and attempted to teach me every time she visited Texas. But there was NO incentive to learn how to crochet since everything I ever saw was butt-ugly. At best it was simply tacky, and at worst it was something that should have been burned and buried in the middle of the night with all the witnesses killed afterwards.

Then came the crochet revolution. I’m not sure when it started, but lately I’m seeing more and more things that have made me regret not learning to crochet. Now I wish I had learned something other than a single chain because I certainly don’t have time to learn how to do it now.

So instead, I’m showing off other people’s cute shit while trying to hide my jealousy (ask me how I feel about my sister-in-law’s gorgeous crocheted blanket while trying to compare it to my lumpy and uneven attempt).

This little piggy (couldn’t resist) was made by Lindsey Bell. She’s also working on a moose hat and some hedgehogs. I loooooove hedgehogs. Her husband was showing off the photos of the pig, so I got permission to share it here as well.

Piggy by Lindsey Bell


I wish I could do that.

Happy Halloween!

We’re visiting friends who recently moved from Orlando to Dallas, so we don’t have much Halloween stuff going on this weekend.

Pumpkin shit pies

I don’t know who made the display above – but it’s my favorite.  We didn’t have our annual pumpkin decorating contest at work this year, so I didn’t have a chance to borrow this idea.

Because everyone needs a superhero
We’re not dressing up, so I’m sharing a photo my sister-in-law took of her youngest. I have photos of all three boys on my Flickr site if anyone is curious.

Happy Halloween.  Now on to Thanksgiving!