HTML5 Kaleidoscope Experiment

This is so freaking cool! I’ve linked it to my Flickr account and have been playing with it all through lunch today.

I started off with this:

I will kill you while you sleep...

Pulled it up at HTML5 Kaleidoscope Experiment – Experience Bureau

Nemo Kaleidoscope

And now I have a kaleidoscope image of a very pissed off cat.  See?  This is what you do when you don’t have your own kids to torment.


Here’s an older photo of Nemo, or Shit Stain, as Candy Pants like to call him. Why am I showing you an older photo? Because he’s halfway through the process of getting his summer haircut. And it’s not pretty.


Next Saturday, I’ll show you what he looks like when I get happy with a pair of scissors.